Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sewing and Shopping Pics (Lots of pics!)

I'm making up for the dearth of photos in my last few posts, so grab a cuppa and sit back. ;-)

Here's my finished Ottobre morphed drape top, with morphed elastic-cuff sleeves from last winter. I added an interfaced waist tie for some waist definition in that sea of print. Also, the new jeans.

I'm wearing 3-1/2 heels and they are STILL way too long, so hemming is definitely needed. But other than that, I love them. I still can't believe I picked them up on a whim without trying on, and that they cost only $19.99.

Can you believe how perfectly this necklace matches? I bought it long before I bought the fabric. I won't wear it when the top is styled casually, but to the office with my black skirt, it will be perfect.

My new coat. I look like I'm in the boxing ring. Modeling and ending up with usable photos is harder than it looks. Erica B makes it look so easy, but I know better.

Yes, I'm still in Florida where it's 85 degrees today. If not for the A/C, I would be sweating buckets.

Can you imagine how soft this coat is? The faux suede on the outside is just as soft as the "fur" inside.

It looks to be a well-made coat with some nice subtle details, such as these bound buttonholes.

One of its best features, though, is this. (In case you can't read my overexposed photo, that tag says "WASHABLE".)

Jeans #2 with a zip-up turquoise cardi and cheap tee.

Turquoise cardi #2. I'm undecided whether to keep either or both. Do those ruffles overwhelm? The sweater is very soft and was only about $16 so I may keep it based on price alone. The turquoise zip one above can double as a "Florida coat" since it's heavier, and it has pockets (love!). It was only $20 so still not a big expense to worry about.

Jeans #3. These have some pre-fab fading, but it's not too obnoxious. The tee is a $5 clearance item. How could I not buy a $5 brown tee? It will be good for layering or even just sleeping in.

I'm not as thrilled with the rear view of these jeans, but I've decided it's because the pockets are spaced too far apart. RTW manufacturers need to key in to the fact that we booty-endowed enjoy a better illusion when the pockets are closer toward the center back seam. I'm going to investigate the possibility of moving these pockets, but I need to check if I have matching thread first.

This is a Jalie waterfall top from last year, one of the tops I made for the trip to Tyler's boot camp graduation. It's now way too big and too long. I'm going to cut off the hem and then take in the sideseams. I like the print and colors and it's practically new so I will spend some time on the remake. Most of my too-big clothes aren't worth a remake.

And with that, I think I'm actually set for my trip, after the jeans are washed and hemmed. So, my next project (after making the Jalie top smaller) will be something office-related. I've got a knit skirt pattern from Pamela's Pattern and some dark brown ponte that I'd like to match up.

* * * * *

Finally, a little comment about some of your comments re my marriage situation. First, if I didn't expect you comment, I wouldn't share so don't think you can't express an opinion. Just know that I haven't shared all the details leading up to my decision to divorce, and it wasn't an easy decision. And, keep in mind that if you comment, I might comment back ;-) and it's likely I won't take your advice — I'm stubborn that way. I'm not interested in counseling because I don't really care for who he has become. No amount of counseling will change his basic personality (nor mine). It's cliché to say we've grown apart, but that's pretty much what it is. I see things a lot differently at 49 than I did at 21. If we had met today, I wouldn't like him very much. There's no sense staying with someone you just don't like. Life is much too short. Yes, we had some good times in the beginning and if nothing else, I will be eternally thankful for the gift that are my two sons from this marriage. But that chapter of my life (young wife, young mother) is over and I know it's time for us both to move on. In fact, it's way past time. We're mostly still quite civil, which is why we can still live together until we finally go our separate ways. In this economy, I know that's actually a blessing. And before you ask, my sons are OK with it and they like the happier me. STBex's "relationship" with them now that they are adults is a major part of what led to this decision. Read between the lines. As I said, I didn't come to this decision easily.


  1. Debbie, you are looking great in your new clothes, congrats!

    I think it's very nice and decent of you not to take offence to my posting on your divorce and my Anne Burda example. You are not obligated to give an explanation but your reply to my post has just given me a new respect for you.

  2. Ahh, "relationshio" or lack thereof. Sounds like when I was married before. Counseling has never done me any good ... Current DH (20 years a week ago, yay!) says that if I had met him in the '70s I would not have given him a second look. Thanks for letting me ramble! I love to read your posts, and I usually save them (the best) for the last.

  3. Loving the new clothes, and jeans #1 are super-flattering.
    Oh, and life really is too short; you know what you need to do to be happy, and NOBODY has the right to question that ;)

  4. The new clothes look great :-)

    Good luck with the divorce and moving on afterwards, wherever that will take you. I recently divorced after 20 years of marriage, sad but frankly good to be out of that relationship. We didn't have counselling because we'd nothing left, and it was just facing up to that fact and dealing with what needed to be done.

  5. New jeans #1 are awesome, and definitely keep the ruffle teal top-it makes you look like such a cute hourglass shape!

  6. Life is too short to be in an unhappy marriage. If you are happier than it's the right decision.
    You are looking fabulous girl! Enjoy your holiday.

  7. 1. re: waterfall cardigan. Possibly yes to too much ruffles around the hips but maybe it's the dark jeans. This cardi could look better with a skirt (and show off all the ruffles). It's very feminine.

    2. I enjoy reading comments until someone wants to butt their nose in where they don't know all the details.

    3. At 48, I am nowhere near who I was at 24 when I got married. Would I pick him today (no). Not a question, just a statement. People change and not always for the better. Circumstances are unique and all you can do sometimes is BE POLITE.

    4. Here's hoping for a polite Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family.

  8. Debbie
    I love the new clothes. It's not surprising that now you are able to find great RTW. I too find that the closer I come to my desired weight (BTW 20 pounds more than the doctors charts recommend), the better RTW fits. Don't worry about the back pockets. They aren't bad to anybody except maybe you.

    Apologies if I stirred something up with my question. It just seemed that you were there for each other during crisis. I had no way of knowing the truth and defintely should have kept my mouth shut ... er fingers still.

  9. You're looking great! I think you should wear the necklace with the shirt even when not dressed up for work. It's a nice accessory and you don't have to save nice things for work!

  10. Debbie, you look great, and getting better. You do seem happier, and that's what matters. I never presume that I know everything that's in someone else's head, even someone as close as my kids. So if you say divorce is necessary, then it is. It's nice that you two can stay under one roof until the economic details get worked out, and I'm just one of many people rooting for you!

  11. Debbie - the clothes pictures are great, and you look fantastic (actually I mean happy).

    Re your marriage: I've been in your shoes and I say BRAVO to you - when it's over, it's over, and if what you're doing makes you happy, do more of it!!!

  12. How 'bout you come up here to a Michigan winter and put that coat to a REAL test! ;)

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  14. Great new clothes, Debbie!

    Sorry about your impending divorce. It's always sad when a long marriage comes to an end, but sometimes, that'when people stay longer than they should, they might lose themselves. They might also lose the courage to make the change.

    So, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep pushing forward courageously.

    My very best to you! Oh, and keep the fashion pics coming! It is definitely fun seeing your shopping bargains!!!

    Oops! I rarely leave comments on any blogs and forgot to sign my name.


  15. I admire your honesty so much. I also am loving your daily blogging and am really enjoying seeing all your new clothes and shoes. You've made me realize I miss sewing and I just may head back into *that* room again sometime soon. And, oh look fabulous! :)


  16. Okay so I want you to take the ruffled turquoise top back. I understand the euphoria of being able to purchase RTW clothing but make a rule now to only buy well-fitted, good looking clothing okay? Otherwise you are going to end up with clothing that in a couple of months you are going to go what was I thinking when I bought that! Been there...done that!

  17. Making a decision to divorce is hard. Everyone has their own reasons that others may or may not understand. When I was making this same difficult decision, a dear friend said to me 'them that mind don't matter and them that matter don't mind'. You have to do what is right for you (and only you know what that is) and I applaud your bravery because I know how hard it is.

  18. I noticed you have you'r shirt tucked in???? wooo hoooo... looks great.....

  19. Ah shopping, you have to love shopping when you come home with a haul like this. Now all you need is for the Zappo shoes to arrive and you're set. Enjoy your trip.

  20. Debbie you look great and I am so happy that you're happy!

    Re your divorce. Life is way too short, enjoy your new life. If the only people that matter (your boys) are OK with this, who the hell cares what anybody else thinks?


  21. I just thought I'd comment.

    You should totally try out your new bod on him a few times at least before you go!

    I mean, really, why not?

  22. Just have to say you are looking incredible. Your smile says it all.

  23. I like the ruffle cardi on you better when I hold my finger over the picture straight down the side seam at the hip line. Is there, maybe, an easy way to alter the side seam line at hip so it doesn't stick out quite as much and is more slimming?

    I would wish you good luck on your life decisions, but you seem just great "re-booting" on your own.

    Joy in Palmland

  24. I am totally diggin' the print of the op you belted. Everything looks great.
    The ruffled cardi - I betit would look great with a black skirt/print top for the office if the cardi isn't too casual. Nice shopping haul.

  25. I think that the pocket placement on the second pair of jeans makes your butt look awesome! To me, closer-spaced pockets leaves more width just out there on the sides, uncovered, which I always find (on myself at least) somewhat disproportionate.

    And good for you for making tough decisions and moving forward. It's really unfortunate that women sometimes seem to think that the answer to all problems is more self-sacrifice. I always tell my friends that they don't have to be martyrs for the sake of marriage (or anything else).

  26. Wow, you look so fabulous, especially in that first picture. That belted top shows off your mighty fine new figure beautifully and those pants are so awesome that I think I need to get myself to Burlington ASAP.

    Congratulations on your new lease on life.

  27. Great new clothes and jeans, Debbie. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  28. Nice clothes. I'd say no to the ruffled cardi, unless you like the look of hip fluff. I like the skimming zip cardigan. Then again, this is just my opinion.

  29. I think the ruffles are a little overwhelming. It is a a great color for you, though, so if you decide to keep it, that's a good reason.

    Congrats on your weight loss! It's motivating. And I love the blouse remake posted today--all those inches! (11/21)

  30. Somebody, somewhere, some time, came up with a statement that it's better to be from a broken home than to live in one. If your pictures are any indication, divorce agrees with you. (OMG...Is that what I need to do to lose weight and find a better hair style?) I hope you are as happy and confident as you appear to be in these great pictures. -Karla

  31. Debbie ~
    I'm a sewist that found your blog not too long ago and try to check in every day, and begin to feel bereft when you're not there.
    I've also got a lot of weight to lose due to some health problems that appear to be finished.You are a HUGE inspiration... no pun intended.
    Good luck with moving forward with your life. I left my kids father when they were quite young, and it's the best thing I ever did. Now when I see him, many years later, I wonder how in the world I feel in love with this man, and why I ever thought he was a good guy.
    The only good thing to come out of the marriage was my daughters. They are great, and even though were raised by a single mom, turned out fabulous and I have 7 wonderful granddaughters that are also fantastic.
    You'll do well. Just keep in mind that you do need to remain civil and polite as since you have kids together, you'll see him for the rest of your life, at least on special occasions.
    Good luck. Sending you positive energy for a successful New Year!

  32. Nobody can know everything about your situation but you, and that's a good thing to keep in mind when they give their opinions. I've been there too. Your evolution is inspiring.

    PS I'm with Carolyn on the cardigan.

  33. Love the new jeans. I desperately need to go jeans shopping, but it's so...deflating? ha.

    Weird posing advice (haha), I always like to see how pants and jeans fit when legs are a bit closer together. I think as one of the well-endowed thigh club, we're hesitant to do that, but I feel like the very wide stance ends up being awkwardly spaced, like my horse is going to run right into place at any moment!

    Also, a "grown up" fashion blogger (I know you KWIM :P ) did a posing tutorial for fashion bloggers a while back. I bet you could google find it if you really want some new poses. Not that I ever used any of the advice.

    Oh wait. I haven't sewn in MONTHS. hehe.

  34. I have followed you for a while now beginning with pattern review. I can relate to your situation. I divorced after 25 years. He is definitely NOT the man I married at 19 and interestingly, I have had a lot of long time friends say that to me. I'm sure the people close to you also know.

    Congratuations on the weight loss! Also, I am moving to Valrico, FL in January and am a paralegal- maybe we will cross paths!


  35. I'm in Florida and think I may melt! Not that it's hot exactly. It's quite pleasant. But, it's so different from when I left Baltimore. Also, I've been running here and when I get back in the house from a jog am panting like a dog and want to jump in the pool!

    Jeans look really good. Your butt is looking pretty awesome too :)

    I cannot imagine getting married in my early 20s. I just can't. And even now at 35 I get a little panicky at the thought. People do change and it's a bit uncontrollable.

  36. I think everyone before me has said what needs to be said - you're looking great, you're smiling, you make great clothes that suit you.

    You are becoming your own person and seem very happy with what you've discovered. Good for you.

  37. This dress is so amazingly pretty!


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