Monday, November 21, 2011

This and That

Just a bunch of random stuff. Here we go.

The shoes/boots arrived today.

Both boots fit great, are cute, and very comfortable. The shoe/booties (shoeties?) at the top are so-so, which means they are going back, even though they are cute too. Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes. I'm taking the brown boots at the bottom with me. I'll decide on the others when I get back. Those "suede" boots aren't really good for stomping around fields anyway. I really shouldn't keep both, but …

I'm taking my new coat but it's probably not going to be cold enough for it. But Murphy's Law means if I leave it, I'll freeze my butt off. I'll look good sweating. ;-)

I washed/dried all my new jeans, plus my old ones. I have no idea how this can possibly be true but all of the new jeans have the same exact inseam measurement (I measured twice), even though some are definitely longer on my legs than others. I even wore each pair for about 1/2 hour each to loosen them up. Then I threw my hands up in disgust and decided NOT to hem any of them. I'll wash them again and decide. The longest pair is just barely off the ground with the boots so it's not too bad, and those are the "nice" ones which I'll only wear inside on Turkey Day anyway. And if I drag the bottoms ragged on the others, I can always hem them later. Good thinking, 99. Thanks Max.

The heat wand is heating up and I'm going to bling the back pockets of one pair of the new jeans. They're rather plain now because the topstitching is navy blue. WTF. But I'm not putting on sparklies, just some metallic nailheads. They need something.

I should be baking pies and muffins and making my sweet potato casserole (no marshmallows) but (1) I'm putting that off until tomorrow night and (2) don't tell anyone, but I bought pre-made pumpkin pies at the grocery store tonight. So now all I have to make is two pecan pies and the muffins. And figure out how to get the label off the covers of the pumpkin pies. lol

I am mostly packed, though, so at least that's something I won't have to do from scratch tomorrow night. But we'll still need to load up the car.

I have training tomorrow at the other office. I'd better refresh myself with how to get there. But I get to arrive one hour later than my usual, so I'll probably hit Mapquest in the morning. Note to self: Leave time to get gas.

I finished reading Water for Elephants at lunch today. It was a good story but also a little disappointing at the climax when all hell broke loose much too quickly. But I still don't know the significance of "water for elephants." Elephant, yes. Water, no. Anyone? What did I miss? I didn't see the movie either.

I started reading Velocity, e-booked from the library. It's so nice to finish one book and have the other right there in the same contraption ready to go.

I'm looking forward to a big family visit without STBex. It will be SO NICE to get a word in edgewise with my own family. Ahem. He can talk to the dogs and his rental car. Ooo, so mean tonight. ;-) It will probably be weird for my sons, though, as this will be their first Thanksgiving without him around. We'll keep them busy with the tractors, chainsaws, firepit, and beer. (Not all at once.)

I'll post one more time before I go, but probably not while I'm gone. Hmmm. Can I blog from the Fire? While driving? JUST KIDDING! 

Off to decorate some pockets.


  1. At the beginning of the book, it's the visit of the circus and another old man's claim to have "carried water for the elephants" that starts the main character off on remembering his story. I don't think the title is super-significant all by itself, though.

    I have read the book, but not seen the movie as I won't watch a movie if I liked the book. You may be curious to compare and contrast though.

    I'm glad to know your kids will not be combining tractors and chainsaws with beer!

  2. Debbie can you use your cell phone for an internet connection on your Fire? If you can then I think you can use the GPS app in Google Maps on your Fire. Or if you phone has an Android operating system the GPS function is built in.

  3. You might try to use your blow dryer on those labels - You might get lucky and they will lift right off.

  4. You can try wash away wonder tape for a temporary hemming job on the jeans. The same measurement thing drives me crazy! That's why I always end up hemming twice - or more...

  5. Who is this STBex you keep referencing? Thx,

    Gail D.

  6. Is that *Velocity* by Dean Koontz? That's my very favorite DK novel: no damsels in distress, no mysterious semi-government conspiracies, no CIA-trained assassins or murderous apes, just an ordinary good guy caught up in someone else's cruel schemes who has to make serious moral choices of which the lesser of two evils is just barely lesser than the greater evil. Awesome good book: I've read it twice.



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