Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Thoughts

1. I think we have better fabric choices than what's available in mid-priced RTW, judging by my shopping trip yesterday. The only thing I can't make is knitted sweaters and that's only because I can't knit.

2. Every day is a good day when you see the weinermobile driving next to you.

I'll be back later with pics. I've completed one top and am now deciding what's next.


  1. Hear hear! The weiner mobile would brighten anyone's day!

  2. I often get unsolicitations on clothing I made and I don't think it's me as a seamstress. I don't often make things that are wild styles because I don't want it to age quickly (I'm not the most prolific sewer). It's also not always fit, I'm getting better, but it's still not always perfect. I think it is the fabric. I wear colours and patterns that are maybe a little harder to find in stores so it stands out as being distinct and comment worthy.

    I can't say I've ever had a weiner mobile drive beside me. That would make me giggle and brighten my day.

  3. I think EVERYONE goes through the 'Why can't I find xxxx in the stores or online?" This happens to me all the time - not only for myself but also for my grandson. I see business opportunities all over the place because basic useful stuff (like, long warm socks for little kids -- there are tights for little girls but no one in the US is going to put tights on a little boy - but for infants up to toddler age, all there are for socks are those booties that end at the ankle)just is not out there. This is the major reason I sew - retail is boring; the fabrics and linings are crappy; I hate paying good money for things that are done in a year. I've literally stopped going to malls.

  4. AWWW WEINERMOBILE! I've only ever seen them parked, and haven't seen one in years. I don't even eat meat and I think it's sort of magical that you had one driving next to you!

  5. Well then, learn to knit! Haha. I often find myself in the same position as Toby Wollin especially when it comes to kid-clothes! Why aren't there navy cardigan sweaters without hoods that don't look like my grandma wore them in the '80's? Why do LITTLE GIRLS need hip-huggers? Why is everything tissue paper quality? It boggles the mind.

    Also, Weiner Mobile? How awesome is that! I'm so jealous.


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