Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Unsolicitation

I worked today from 8 AM straight through to 6 PM, eating my lunch quickly at my desk once I realized it was 1:30 and I hadn't even thought about lunch. We're really kicking it into high gear this week, as our big event starts March 2 and there's a LOT to do to get ready for it. I would probably collapse from exhaustion if it was like this all the time, but our events are spaced out throughout the year so we do get some re-grouping time in between. And like I've said before, I much prefer the work hours fly by than drag on.

On my drive home, I called Alex to see if he wanted to grab some dinner out with me. We agreed on Outback (grilled ahi tuna and steamed veggies for me). I pulled into the driveway, texted him to come down, switched to the passenger seat (because Alex can park in tight spaces better than me!) and we were off — me still in my work outfit.

Alex dropped me off at the front door because it was raining and so I could get our names on the list as quickly as possible. As I was waiting for him to come inside, I looked around and settled on a lobby bench seat next to a young couple. She smiled at me and said, "I was *just* telling my husband how pretty you looked." Wow, right??

I knew I loved this cardi, but now it will make me feel even prettier every time I wear it.

You're getting a different background tonight because my usual door still has my new purchases hanging off of it, as you can see from this shot of the inside of the cardi.

And here's the pattern envelope, as a refresher. I'm planning to write a proper review at some point, but not this week. I love the shape of this. It really accents (and I'm guessing even creates) an hourglass shape, with the nipped-in waist and peplum. I want to make at least two more — another long-sleeved version and one with short sleeves for summer A/C in the office.

But I've also got a HUGE stack of to-do, especially since my latest BMV sale order finally arrived yesterday.

Did anyone else order Kwik Sew patterns and notice that delivery took almost twice as long as usual? I like being able to buy KS at a discount and via mail, but I do hope BMV improves shipping time because I'm not known for planning in advance. At least not away from the office.

Now I'm off to make tomorrow's lunch and jump into bed to watch a little TV before I turn out the lights.


  1. What a busy day. Your cardi is lovely.

  2. Don't you just compliments from strangers! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

    I love your outfit too, and I'm even happier because I'm wanting to try that cardi pattern this autumn. Good to know it's a pattern worth making.

  3. Gotta love those compliments! Especially when they come after a long day at work.

    I ordered KS 3915 when it was the pattern of the day and it came pretty quickly (to California). Hopefully your wait on your most recent order won't be typical.

  4. Yes, I have noticed that - I ordered a KS in the last sale.

    You do look great in that outfit!

  5. Isn't it great to get complete strangers compliment you. I have only had it happen once wearing a RTW outfit (which I then wore to death LOL :-) The thing is YOU made this so it is extra special. I love the look of this jacket as well and you have picked great fabric.

  6. When strngers give you a compliment, it is such a nice boost to your day. She is right, great cardigan and I can see why you want more.

  7. I think it is extra special when someone compliments you.

    I challenge everyone reading this to make one unsolicited compliment today.

    Go ahead, Make someone's day.

  8. That cardigan is lovely! I can see why she complimented you!

    I'm torn between ordering some Kwik Sew or driving one hour to the nearest store that sells them. Sometimes it's really a crapshoot as to which is faster.

  9. You certainly are wowing them all over town!

  10. A compliment is just the thing to lift your spirits! It's good to see you so happy.

    I'm thinking of joining Club BVM, and ordering today - the last day of the current sale.

  11. She was right.. you look great. And I liked this cardi when you first showed it. Wonderful fabric and the color with your coloring is just right, too.

  12. A well deserved compliment! The cardigan IS lovely.

    Hmm, nice to see the patterns you ordered. I purchased a few of the same ones, but shipping to Canada takes forever.

  13. Gotta love the unsolicitation! It is a really nice cardi, the colors are perfect for you.


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