Sunday, February 12, 2012

Production Sewing

Yesterday was a bust sewing-wise, but I made up for it today with FOUR completed garments. I set out with new basics on my list and then maybe altering some too-big items. I did well in the basics department, but didn't even blow the dust off the to-do pile on the ironing board.

First up, my new TNT Ottobre tee. Since I still have too-big former TNTs from this pattern hanging in my closet, it was easy enough to try one on and pinch the sides to judge how much smaller it needed to be. I didn't feel right about just chopping up the original tracing since so many of my knit top patterns were based on it and I want to keep it as a reference. So I pulled out the pattern sheets, traced a new copy, sewed it up, and hoped for the best. And it worked.

It's a boring ivory Powerdry knit but I will wear the heck out of this, like with these pieces which have been waiting for it.

Next, McCall's 6078. This pattern comes in 2 size ranges XS-S-M and L-XL. When I first bought it, I spaced out and bought the smaller range. And then I used my bigger TNT Ottobre tee pattern to try to morph it. The result was OK but never great. Now, it's just plain too big and that one is in the donate pile. Today, I cut the M and sewed it as-is except that I morphed my "new" TNT sleeves onto the sleeveless version so I could have sleeves that I knew fit and sewed in without easing.

I made one in brown, to complete this outfit which I'm wearing tomorrow.

And I made one in white. This is unhemmed because the fabric has been in my stash so long it needed to be laundered again, and instead of pressing in the dust permanently, I will hem it after it's washed. It looks horrible here on Zillie, but it fits me perfectly and drapes much nicer.

I was making the white shell to wear with the wine plaid Magic Pencil. That's still a go, but then I got a wild hair and tried to force perfectly-matching french terry to become office wear. Yeah, not happening.

To be fair, it actually looks OK on me and will be good with jeans, but it's too warm and somewhat too bulky to wear in the office. So I'm back on the hunt for SOMETHING to go with this skirt so I can wear the darn thing. I have a few more stash possibilities so I haven't given up yet. And if I procrastinate long enough, it will be warm enough that just a short-sleeve top and a nice belt will be fine.

I made a big dent in the basics, but the ironing board pile — well, you can see for yourself. Plus the items hanging on the door, which are just too darn big now but it kills me to get rid of them. Especially the green outfit which hasn't even been worn.

* * * * *

I went to see The Grey last night. It was OK, but totally unrealistic in many respects so that disappointed me. But it's never a bad night if you can watch Liam Neeson for 2 hours. ;-)

On the drive back, I was saddened to hear about Whitney Houston's passing. RIP Whitney. Your great talent will be remembered always, but your candle burned out much too early.


  1. Great collection of basics and love the rust set. The drape neck top is a favorite of mine and used sleeves from a S3634 pattern.

  2. Love your swirly brown and teal cardigan. Did you do a review on it?

  3. It's time to just take all of these pieces and put them in the recycle bag. All of them! You will be surprised at how it clears off your plate and inspires you to create more. Cause seriously you have enough new stuff to wear now. Let it go...she says gently! :)

  4. Great production sewing!
    Why don't you just give away the plus size pieces to a woman's shelter? There are surely women in need of some good looking clothing.

  5. You were quite productive. Nice additions to the work wardrobe. I should look into that drape neck pattern; it's really nice. And hooray for having to redraft your former TNTs! You must be proud of your progress!

  6. How about a large scarf or necklace with the wine check? Or do you really need the layer for warmth?

  7. Oh nice! I realize I am not getting the complete picture. The camera and internet are just not like real life. But from here these are wonderful and you have done an admirable job.

  8. Hooray and making 4 new tops in one day. I just became the proud owner of a well-fitted pants pattern, but I sewed the only bottomweight stretch fabric I had in my stash.
    I celebrated by ordering 4 new pieces of wovens w/lycra so I can do do the same thing very soon; next weekend, hopefully.

    My DD is also losing weight and she brought me a leather skirt to alter. I can't decide - should I do a good job? Then she will bring me all of her too-big clothes.

  9. You are sewing like the wind! How's the opacity on powerdry and/or what is your source? I am sick unto death of trying to source knits for tees--they are all ridiculously sheer.

  10. Your style and color choices are so inspiring.
    About the Magic Pencil Skirt: I attended a 2 day event presented by Pamela Leggett. I switched from my planned bias skrt to the pencil skirt based on your comments about it. I *love* it! Hope I can find a plaid similar to yours to make another.

  11. Hi Your outfits collection is too good and great. All dress is cool and pretty. Your dress choices is amazing.


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