Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. When I said 4.5" heels, remember there's also a 1"+ platform. So net heel height is about 3.5", which is manageable. I just feel like I'm walking in the clouds.

2. The orange skirt is from JCP.

3. The print skirt from the other day is from Coldwater Creek.

4. The network was back up today when I got in.

5. Our brass had a come-to-Jesus meeting with IBM brass this morning, since this is the third time in 2 months we've had this hardware problem.

6. Lawyers vs. suits. Wonder who wins that one? ;-)

7. Four more days until I get "my" desk back, although I was told over the weekend that they would've re-arranged to squeeze me in somewhere in Marketing.

8. Yesterday's post was not aimed at anyone in particular, especially Carolyn. Just that she put down some things I had already been thinking. She seems to do that a lot, which saves me a lot of writing. ;-)

9. The birthday I'm not having is next month.

10. Looks like a trip to NYC is not happening in March, since I'll be packing and hopefully moving.

11. But it WILL happen in 2012.

12. I "only" bought the one pair of pumps, Carolyn. But I did buy a blouse and a pair of flat sandals. The blouse is definitely going back because the darts look like my dog sewed them. Can we say poofy points? Woof.

13. I got my hair cut last Wednesday. Today was the first day it felt like my hair again. Does anyone else's hair go completely limp after a haircut?

14. I've been losing the same 3-5 lbs for a few weeks now.

15. Do you think giving myself permission for celebration cake, happy hour, and Super Bowl snacks has anything to do with that?

16. Back on the wagon Friday night and I'm already down 2 again.

17. Keeping on because I have a cool new ORANGE skirt to wear soon.

18. I'm going to miss Downton Abbey.

19. When does Sons of Anarchy come back on?

20. And speaking of Suits, when does that one come back on? I think I love Harvey.

21. Why wasn't today a holiday for us? Hmmmm. Not that I wouldn't have worked anyway.

22. I still can't believe I'm getting paid to play in graphics programs all day. But I'm NOT complaining.

23. Would it be in poor taste to ask my predecessor before she leaves what her Christmas bonus was? Yeah, I know.

24. She's been coming in tardy and leaving early. I think she's as ready to be home as I am to be not. Synchronity and all that.

25. I love my job.

26. Are you sick of me yet? lol

27. It's not just my job I love, though. It's the whole team and how everyone has a necessary part in the big picture. It's really an amazing group.

28. One of my first "solo" projects next week will be to order myself business cards. lol

29. Who wants one? roflol

30. I fit a LOT of crap into my new tote bag this morning. It's definitely The One.

32. Is anyone else going to go see Act of Valor?

33. I wish I could go see it with the Marine.

34. Or the whole platoon. ;-)

35. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. today because I had to pee. My alarm is set for 6:01. I hate that.

36. TMI?

37. I was really early into the office today. Early departure and light holiday traffic.

38. Did you see KMQ's V1257 dress? Is she smokin' or WHAT?

39. I still haven't worn mine. Those snug sleeves just bug the crap outta me.

40. I'm going to use different sleeves and add real armholes and make another, because I really do like the dress. And maybe I'll cut off the sleeves for the one I made and wear it that way.

41. When I get back to sewing, that is.


  1. Hey - the birthday I am not having is next month too - we can not have them together!

    I enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh pleeze I never thought you aimed the post at me...I was just concerned that you would think I aimed it at you...which I totally didn't!

    Loved your list and glad that everything is working out well for you. And of course when you finally get around to coming to NYC, you're looking me up right?!

  3. I had a birthday last week, and since I will always be older than you, you can just have another one. Besides, one of the secrets to living to a ripe old age (that didn't come out very well, did it?) is -- ta-dah! -- having more birthdays.

  4. Thanks for the shout out. It makes my day to know that my fellow sewing sisters feel the same way I do about my dress.

  5. Love your blog, one of a few I regularly read. At times I'll click to read "regulars" 10-15" treat time.

    While scanning, I misread "blouse" as "bought a house".. also read Carolyn's blog and misread "I'm not interested in what you have to say", which is NOT what either of you wrote. ahh my old eyes!!

    Any way, thank you for sharing your life and your sewing. you are a lovely person.


  6. Oh have the birthday!! Why should you miss out? Surely you can get more shoes :)) And my hair is always limp!!

  7. 21. A lot of companies don't have a Prez Day holiday, often it's counts as a floater
    23. No ask away I would!
    24. She has mentally checked out already, be prepared for her to be useless.

  8. ooo, Lawyers vs IBM suits - I wish I'd been a fly on the wall for THAT one. We had one of those with our engineers versus GE -- and the blue smoke was amazing, even with the door shut. When everything cleared, the score was us:1, GE:0, but one of our engineers behaved sooo badly (and the language was sooo nasty and dirty) that a couple of weeks later, he became 'no longer with us; he's pursuing other opportunities."

  9. I enjoyed reading your list! I love birthdays - I get presents and get younger every year. I believe I'm about 21 (in spirit anyway).

  10. PR weekend is in NY in May... just saying... ;-)

  11. I'm one of those weirdos who likes getting up at the crack of dawn to pee -- because then I don't go back to bed, I head to the gym or start making sewing plans or some such.

    I don't mind having birthdays, I actually tell people I'm older than I am sometimes. Because let's face it, I either look really good for my 40s or really bad for my actual age.

    Having worked with lawyers, I will put my money on the legal eagles. Every time.

  12. 1. I repeat, 4.5" heels !?!
    18. I plan on re-watching series two.
    23. Go ahead and ask (in light of #24)
    38. yes

    Did I hear you correctly? You are movin' out? WooHoo!
    An opportunity to design your sewing space!

  13. I always love your "random" posts. ;-)


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