Friday, February 10, 2012


Whew! Another busy week under my belt. But since I love being busy at work, it's all good.

I did NOT go on the interview on Tuesday. All of the circumstances just weren't working out and I really just needed to cancel. Maybe it will be rescheduled. Maybe I won't need it to be. ;-) But at the moment, I'm not regretting it and I'm OK with the decision. The "big boss" actually jumped up and down with joy when I told her, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

This weekend will be filled with sewing for ME! All of my sewing last weekend was to finish up a cammie purse, which I did, and now I don't have that to make me feel guilty. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be doing anything too exciting as I really need to spend some time altering some items I'm not yet ready to part with and I also need a couple of basics, like a brown shell and an ivory shell. I miss those non-existent shells almost every morning. And I haven't been able to find anything suitable in RTW, even though I've been looking online almost every day. I guess that's a sign I need to just buckle down and make them. I know I have brown knits to use, but I'm not sure about the ivory. Maybe the stash will produce a welcome surprise.

This landed in my inbox this morning before I left for work. I'm not sure exactly what's up with Kwik Sew joining the McCall's family and how it bodes for the future of KS, but right now I'm THRILLED that I can order them at a discount with my BMV orders and even happier that the first Pattern of the Day was the exact one I was wanting. I just wish it was here NOW.

I just finished ordering it, and a few more KS and Buttericks fell into the cart too. Ahem. I really need to stop with the pattern orders because I'm certainly not sewing as fast as I'm buying. But on the other hand, it's relatively cheap entertainment and "research."

I also need to stop with the online ordering in general as I've now got things coming to me from Zappos (shoes and bags), Jessica London (shoes that are 100% Carolyn's fault!), and JCPenney (wardrobe basics that were too cheap to turn down). I ordered two "nice" totes from Zappos, only one of which I'll keep, but I wanted to see them both. I've been holding off buying a nice tote because I didn't want to jinx my job (I'm silly sometimes), but I finally reached the breaking point with my floppy black canvas tote and I wanted something more in keeping with being a working woman and not a football mom so I just went for it — jinx be damned.

Parting Shot: LCpl Cook is back from his training exercises at sea. There's been a lot of coverage of Operation Bold Alligator from the local papers (my mom is local so she's also been reporting). This was the biggest amphibious cross-service training exercise in more than 10 years. On board with Tyler, besides the U.S. Navy running the ship, were Canadian and Royal Marines. That's all good but I'm just glad to be able to talk to my son again, and it makes me dread when he's deployed on the ship for 6 months. Communication is going to suck. This picture is now the background for my work computer so I get to see him every day. I love the sunset and the silhouette.


  1. Debbie - just a comment on what a small world we live in. I started following your sewing blog, but always enjoyed your Marine updates (as a former Marine myself). Now I work for the Navy in Norfolk and I worked on getting environmental coverage for some parts of Bold Alligator. I figured Tyler was training in BA when you first mentioned he was out to sea.

  2. Hey. Shopping carts - both physical and electronic - have magnets in them. I swear, it's true!

  3. Hi Debbie, glad everything is going well for you and yours. You have inspired my with your weight loss, I am also measuring mine with clothes sizes. Down two sizes since Christmas and sewing like a mad woman as well as fitting into some things I never expected to see the light of day again.

  4. I saw that KS pattern and love it, too. Both of those styles would work for me!

  5. Oh no, it is just NOT my fault that you ordered those awesomely beautiful shoes. You know you could have gone through life without adding their deliciousness to your could have just said "NO!" *LOL* But I totally get why you bought them!


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