Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is Butterick 4132, meant for woven fabrics cut on the bias. I tried it with a knit and while it's sorta OK, it's not OK enough for what I want to wear it with. The neckline isn't drapey enough and is kind of sticking out. I'll hem it and maybe even sew lingerie guards into the too-wide neckline and then move on. It technically fits and maybe it will be useful for another combination.

So now I'm going to use my TNT gathered front Ottobre tee (except it's not really TNT anymore so I need to adjust the pattern smaller first) and try again from the same fabric. But today's sewing will soon come to an end because I'm going out for dinner and a movie. And since it's almost 3 and I haven't been through the shower yet, I need to get a move on!


  1. Dinner and a movie - sounds nice. Re: the top. I have a RTW the same as this top. It is made from a light woven fabric cut on the bias and is lovely. Maybe try it again with the recommended fabric - it is a lovely top and very flattering. Now that you have brought this pattern to my attention I may have to get it.

  2. I have this pattern. I made it from a cheap polyester or acrylic crepe fabric. Hate the fabric. Hate bell shaped sleeves. I spent hours deciding where and how to do my narrow shoulder adjustment. LOVE the blouse. You are right. Fabric makes all the difference.

  3. Debbie, you might want to try Vogue 8669-

    I made two of these and I like the neckline and the draping is very nice, well it was for me as I did not want it to drape down to the girls. It is a little boxy but that is adjustable. It is very easy to sew.

  4. Sorry the top didn't work...I can so relate. Hopefully you will get some of those basics you need for your work wardrobe...and hopefully we will get some good news about you being made a permanent employee soon!

  5. I have the previous version of this pattern BK3131, and it does not drape well, even in an ITY knit. I'm glad you posted about this pattern, and it reminds me that I do not need to keep this pattern. I have other drape-front patterns that I can try.


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