Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where Did the Weekend Go?

So here it is Sunday evening already and I have NOTHING to show from the sewing room. Well, nothing finished or new. I kept meaning to get into the sewing room but then I'd be distracted by reading on my Fire (still L.O.V.E. that little bugger) or unpacking some boxes (on the homestretch now) or hanging some pictures or changing area rugs or vacuuming 10 lbs of dog hair off said area rugs (only a slight exaggeration) or shopping online for a new vacuum (not decided yet) in lieu of buying some replacement parts for my Kenmore canister the hose of which somehow STBex flattened to nearly pancake status or blog reading or ... a million and one other distracting tasks.

But I did just press out the tissue for McCall's 6032 and decided on the fabric for it. I'd like to use the border both at the hem and for the twisty waistband. This is another pattern from my stash that is now too big so I will have to size it down. It's not a complicated pattern so that won't take too long, and my goal before the night is over is to finish the resizing, raise the neckline front and back, and get the pattern laid out on the fabric. If I'm lucky, I'll even get it cut out tonight and then I can sew in spurts during the week after work.

One of my piddling-around tasks this weekend was to cram those two "found' boxes of fabric into the stash closet. Good god, I have too much fabric. Not too much as in hoarder status because, really, is there ever such a thing as too much fabric? ;-) But too much to need any more options for a good long while. I have lots and lots of nice garments waiting in there and it's time they started seeing the light of day. So, I'm putting myself on a loose fabric diet, which means I will still look and may even buy, but I want to be darn sure I don't have a good stand-in already waiting before I do. I LIKE my fabrics and I want to use them.

Same thing for patterns. These two baskets are crammed full and that's just my "on deck" selections - those that I want to make in the near future. The pattern cabinet the baskets are sitting on are also crammed full of patterns I still want to make too.

Parting Shot: The Marine made it to Japan safe and sound. He's been relieved of all of his hair, as is the custom for first deployments, and is complaining about a sunburnt head after a day of sightseeing but other than that, he's doing great. And I actually got to talk to and see him in real time thanks to Skype and the laptop he gave me. I'm SO GLAD since I was definitely sad contemplating the reduced communication, and now it seems like we're actually going to be having MORE. He and his roommate are splitting the cost of internet access in their barracks room and Tyler has actually called ME twice now. He's 13 hours ahead of me, which will work out good. I'll be home from work just as he's starting his day and we can have a quick chat then. Technology ROCKS!


  1. Glad you are on the home stretch for getting everything put together in your new home. I also like the border print & pattern choice. It will make a great dress!

  2. Great job on the unpacking and such good news about communication with the Marine.

  3. First off: There is no such thing as too much fabric. She who dies with the most fabric wins!
    I am off to Sweden & Finland in a few weeks and bought a new Smart Phone just so I could blog, email, manage the online business. Looks like Apple had a better blog app but I am slowly learning my way through BlogIt! (android).
    I love that I can skype home, call my friends there, text/e-mail, whatever. Technology does rock.

    I love your border dress fabric. I don't have any of that.

  4. I think you have accomplished a lot - you deserve to sit back for a few seconds and take a deep breath before jumping back in! As to you fabric stash - you need every piece of yardage. Truly you do! Just like an artist needs lots of tubes of paint or a DJ needs numerous cuts of sound (or whatever they call it) you-need-all-that-fabric. I wish I had a fabric closet that look liek yours because your fabric closet is a sewers heavon :-)

  5. Great fabric - it will be a lovely dress. Sometimes you just need a putzy weekend. Glad you are able to still chat with Tyler thanks to technology. g

  6. Ah, so much fabric. That is why I don't buy any anymore (or at least not too often). Now if I was sewing, it would get

  7. Isn't Skype amazing? When Alex was in Korea, same time difference, it was wonderful to see and talk to her. It's a very convenient time difference to the East coast.
    Love your fabric choice. Black and white, not your usual.

  8. Glad to see you working out the storage and setup issues for your new home, and especially glad that you can talk to your marine all the time. I miss mine and they aren't even halfway around the world!

  9. Ah the vacuum debate. I love my old dyson. I've also used a miele extensively and loved it as well. Pricey, but VERY thorough when it comes to pet hair.

  10. "I LIKE my fabrics and I want to use them."

    Yes! I'm trying to look at not buying fabric in that positive sense--I get to use my beloved fabrics!

    Skype is awesome. The boyfriend is too ADD to talk on the phone but we skype almost every night.

  11. I love a boarder print fabric. I am sure it will make a pretty dress.

    Glad to hear that technology is easing the ache of having a child so far from home. I moved to West Africa for work when I was in my mid 20s. I came down with all the illnesses that green foreigners often get. I could only talk to my mother one hour a week. What I put that poor woman through!

  12. Hey, the Japan-ET time lapse is perfect for so many things! I used to tell my (older) brother, think of me "the same (time) but (12h) ahead of you, plus one" LOL
    Tyler is going to enjoy Okinawa if he's there, it's a fantastic place!

  13. Oops that was Katharine in Brussels, not my husband :)


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