Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm not dead yet

Fans of Monty Python's Holy Grail should get that post title. :-)

Just a drive-by posting to say I'm alive and well. Just really busy at work and life and my Scroogy self is looking forward to December 26.

My mom self is looking forward to December 20, when the Marine will be arriving for a couple of weeks. He came back from his first deployment last weekend, and truth be told, I think he's a little sad to have left Japan. He loved it there! Rumor is the next "trip" will be to a far less friendly place with a lot more sand. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. He *is* a Marine and they all want to go there.

Tomorrow is our Christmas holiday party at work. I didn't make anything new. I'll either wear exactly what I wore last year or I'll pair the jeweled top with the black Neue Mode skirt I made recently. It's been pretty warm this week.

Speaking of work, I received my first bonus in many, many years. I'm happy to report that it was performance-based, well ... more like performance-ENHANCED ... and I nearly fell on the floor when I saw the evidence in my bank account. Nice to have solid proof they like me as much as I like them. Such a GREAT place and wonderful people.

Not sure how much more sewing will be happening after I finish my sister's cardi this weekend, but stick around cuz you never know.


  1. Nice to hear from you Debbie :) have a great Christmas from Down Under :)

  2. Congratulations on your bonus Debbie.

  3. I think I'll go for a walk! (cackle!)

    Congratulations on the bonus! It's always nice to have concrete proof of how much you are appreciated. :)

  4. I get it, I get it ...

    Bonuses are Nice (whatever they are)

  5. Hello! Well done on the bonus :)

  6. enough to buy another sewing machine?

  7. Nothing can affect a person's life/stress level like a great place to work, something to really celebrate this Christmas season. Have a great Christmas and enjoy spending that bonus. Gee, I wonder what you'll spend it on..........

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's snowed under this month. Glad your new company loves you! Enjoy your time with your son.

  9. Great to hear you are doing well-nothing like a great bonus to feel going the extra mile was appreciated. I've spent so much enjoyable and informative time reading your blog posts,I'd like to thank you for sharing the sewing and family with us. I hope you have a great visit with the marine and manage to carve out enough time to enjoy the holiday doing what you like.


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