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  1. I approve this message. :)

  2. Just to let you knjow, I put a message out to the Cake person site, said she owes you an apology and that I will never consider purchasing Cake patterns based on her snarky replies to you.


  3. Yes, we will all move on, having learned a lot. Some good (sewing tips) and some bad (sad lessons in human interaction).

  4. Wow--I left a comment early on, then after seeing today's post, went back and read what was posted later. StephC---what can I say? One thing I learned about being a business owner is that your business is nothing more than a dream without customers. So, it would be better to swallow your pride and take the high road. It seems she wants to play the victim and point you out as the villain. 'Death and life are in the power of the tongue'. Does she realize she's killing her own business with her unprofessionalism? In retrospect, it would have been better for her to stay off your blog and kept her mouth shut.

    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" Mark Twain.

  5. Life is too short ... Done is good :)

  6. Hi Debbie-

    I agree.

    I realized yesterday that I should just shutup. Probably always.

    I apologize if I offended you when I said you aren't a sewing teacher. I meant more about contact hours, troubleshooting machines, that kind of thing. It's different than online teaching. But I can see everything I said was taken offensively. Which means I caused offense, which means I am wrong.

    I am sorry.

  7. Ladies, Please let it go. Good and bad, right and wrong. Take a seed of mutual respect and leave it at that.

  8. Thank you, Debbie. Good call : )

  9. Want to say something that isn't in the spirit of moving on ... I should go numb my brain with some data summaries.

  10. I hope you never stop calling it as you see it, Debbie. I love your honest, smart, funny blog.

  11. Absolutely! (What Mae said)
    Mcdonna on PR

  12. Oops. I comment on your other post before I saw this one. So sorry!

    So....Debbie, whatcha working on?

    I am working on curtains which are dreadfully boring......can't wait to be done and work on some new clothes.

  13. So. How's the weather in Florida? (I'm in Montana, so I always wonder. And isn't it always the polite way to change the subject ?).

  14. Holy smokes. I didn't quite get the post today until I went back and followed the runaway train all the way to derailment. MarcyF, I'll help. I'm at work about 30 miles or so from Debbie. We are having nice, warm weather, it was 72 when I left my house at 7am and is probably high 70sF and sunny right now.

    If I wasn't at work, Debbie, I'd drive over and invite you to lunch. I'm rarely at a loss for words, but this one takes the "cake". K

  15. Debbie - You done good! I've been sewing for more years than I'd like to count and saw no problem with any of your suggestions/advice. StephC should consider another line of work if that is how she treats her customers'feedback. I won't be buying any of her patterns - that's for sure!

  16. To KarenT - I'm kitty corner from you and Deb in Beautiful Puget Sound Washington where we are being treated to a rainy 43 degrees with a projected high of 45. Boo.

    Debbie, I can't wear dresses to work so while I always read your blog for tips and tricks, I usually can't use your "styles". My DD just started to work at a place where she will be wearing dresses much of the time so I will be putting some of your great ideas into practice. Thanks!

  17. Hi Debbie,

    Been reading your blog for a while and don't think I've ever commented.

    I used to do a bit of sewing, then life happened, and then I didn't. But now that life is a bit simpler - my son is grown and out of the house, my parents are in a good place health wise - I've been trying to pick up and sew again.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog. You are a real woman sewing for a real woman's body so I can relate. Your garments are beautifully sewn and look great on you. And when they don't, you seem to be able to brush it off as a great lesson in what doesn't work for you and you move on.

    So sorry that your opinions caused so much controversy. I think some people forget that our blogs are just our opinions and what works for us - and can sometimes be different than other's opinions.

    Thanks for giving me great ideas and great reading.

  18. What happened to "enough"? Are you going to publish StephC's apology in your post so that gets equal air time? I sided with you completely until you put her deleted comments back up for all the world to see. That just seems awfully mean, and I never would have thought you were mean.

    1. I've just found this blog and find nothing mean spirited about Debbie reposting the massive unprofessionalism of a self-professed "expert" in the sewing field. It is quite informative.

      I have personally been "attacked" online by two other "professionals" in this field-and on both occasions I had not said ANYTHING disparaging against either one....they completely imagined being slighted by me - and attacked.

      Exposing rude unprofessional evil behavior by business owners and having their actions hurt them financially will be the only way too stop the spread of internet abuse. Always taking the high road and allowing a business owner to get away with being an evil troll does a disservice to the general public.

      Debbie - thank you very much for the information.

      -Spookietoo / Tina Mc

  19. Debbie, I have to agree with Anonymous right above me. Instead of reposting the messages, it would have been much better to go let it go. You were right, we all know it. This is her business though, and if she wants to take them down, that should be he right. She did apologize, and I am willing to bet this was a BIG lesson for her. Be the bigger person and remove all of this. Please

  20. Wow. That was a train wreck. I'm a lurker but wanted to de-lurk a moment in support.

    Keep tellin' it like it is. I liked your suggestions and will draft my own red velvet and try them out.

    I also really liked your Indie designer suggestions and thought they applied to most indie designers, not any particular one. Good ideas all. And much more genially put than they'd get on the Fashion Incubator site (though I <3 Kathleen).

    BTW, 'butt pleat' makes me lol.

    Annd.... Our weather here in Oregon at this moment is sunny but CHILLY!!!


  21. I completely support your decision to put the comments StephC deleted back up. Keep the context available, let people make their own decisions.
    Hiding behind the delete button is a little too little and a little too late.

  22. Keep it real Debbie. I love reading your blog and sometimes stuff like this is bound to happen as we are all human. Also, everything is not always sunshine and rainbows and that is okay. As I get older I find that the world won't end if I have an Opinion that may be contrary or controversial.

  23. Comment deletion is a cowardly action, taken in a misguided attempt to cover up evidence of bad behavior.

    Much better would be a sincere apology, not "sorry you took it the wrong way" or anything of the sort.

    Best would be to engage the brain-to-fingers filter before typing anything at all.

    Please do not delete the comments. Let them stand, and let those interested make an informed decision.


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