Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simplicity 2187 Finished: Verdict is Yes and No

The dress is finished and I like it, so that gets a Yes. I also cut and finished a black Ottobre tee with 3/4 sleeves and I like it too, so another Yes. The problem is, I don't think I really like them together. Hence the No in the blog title.

The dress really needs something underneath due to the low neckline and low-cut armholes. I'm just not sure yet if black is the right color here.I was originally thinking black tee underneath with black tights but now I'm second-guessing that. My first choice would be a tee the same shade of teal as in the dress print, but the odds of finding that in either fabric or RTW are about zero. So maybe white? But I really don't want to make a white tee right now since I have other things on my list. Maybe I've got something shoved in a drawer that I've forgotten about. I think I'll have a look after dinner. (Are you sufficiently bored with my internal monologue yet?)

So, let's move on to some close-ups ...

Murphy's Law is that the tee turned out perfectly without really trying. Some of my best binding in a while. I did interface the binding strip before feeding it through the binder on my CS machine since the black fabric is a thinnish rayon knit which I know from experience needs a little help with extra body for the binding.

The sash is great and holds its shape, since I did my fusible interfacing jigsaw puzzle shown last post. Love. LOVE the pockets. The pocket edges got some Design Plus fusible lightweight bias strips in the facing seam. (I was obviously on a fusible interfacing bender during this construction.)

The shoulder gathers. If there's a next time for this pattern (and there very well may be since it's a nice pattern and goes together quickly, and only uses 2 yds), I will move those more to the center, but as-is, they'll do for a first make.

Rear view. The back bodice blouses over the sash, which looks nice in real life but kinda skimpy here in this pic.

Inside view. Fold-over facings for the crossover. Which I fused in place with Steam-a-Seam Lite (see bender comment above) to discourage floppage.

No real need to serge/finish the edges since it's a knit, but I just think it looks better.

The back neckline is finished with purchased wide bias binding, per the pattern. The pattern also instructs to finish the sleeve/armhole openings the same way but (1) I was short on binding and (2) a simple turn under and coverstitch was more than adequate. And easier. ;-)

The tee. Black photographs so horribly, so forgive the pixelation. As you can see, I stuck on a trim I found while searching out the bias tape. It was the perfect length for the front neckline. I didn't trim the length at all. Hopefully, it will wash OK.

See what I mean about the binding? Perfection, and on the first pass with no testing. I should've known I wouldn't like the tee with the dress just from that.

In other sewing news ...

Two weekends ago, I made my friend her Halloween costume. Easy sewing, so I didn't mind. Plus she paid me. :-) She went as "Sexy Pebbles" ... with her Bam-Bam, of course. Fun!


  1. Hey Debbie,
    I know it's a long shot, particularly when I'm comparing colours on a monitor vs real life, but I think I might have some jersey in the right colour green/teal for you. I bought a whole bunch of it really cheap a while ago intending to use it for a costume, but in the end I found a better match for my costume and never used the 6.75m (I think that's over 7yds!) that I bought! If you would like to give me your address I can cut a sample swatch for you and send it to you?

  2. Hmm. The black tee is too...something...with the dress. Maybe the black should go on top, like a cardigan. Maybe that's it.

  3. I don't thnk black underneath is the problem. I think it's the sleeves that throw off the look. A black camisole might work, then a different layer on top for warmth.

    Overall though, two cute pieces,

  4. Truly a lovely bound neckline on that black tee. Goes to show you're a real pro!

  5. I agree with 2peaches - I don't think the colour of the black tee is the problem, I think it's the sleeves. I'd definitely try a black cami.

    But well done anyway

  6. Yes, 2peaches and Gaye ... it's definitely the sleeves plus the high contrast of the black makes it worse. Luckily, it's still warm here in Florida, so I can grab a cami from my drawer as a substitute.

  7. Gorgeous dress. Love the colours. Fantastic trim on the tee too. I am with you on the fact that the 2 don't go together. I think it is not only the sleeves which don't work but I think the black pulls down the lively print. Have you thought about a light tan?

  8. Here's my two cents. lol

    The black peeking out in front is triangular shaped while your print is full of round egg shapes.
    You need a tee out of your dress print or matching teal --trimmed in black. Plus your little black trim (luv it).
    On the sleeves - do some black trim work at the 'cuffs' too.
    Then your tee will have a round shape at the neckline to match your print design.

  9. My 2cents is would a more v-neck cami or tee do the trick, so that there's a narrow black line inside the V neckline of the dress as well as a V to the cami/tee?

  10. I do like the dress and the tee is beautiful, they just don't work together. I wonder a cami and then wear a cardigan.

  11. Debbie, have you considered pulling out the sulphur yellow from that print? I think that color would be pretty on you.

    I love reading these posts. You explain things so clearly, and your photos are worth more than a thousand words -- they are worth a thousand saved serger stitches that I won't have to rip out! Thank you! :-)

  12. Hi Debbie, I say ditch the black and green and go for a brown colour in the same tones as the dress to wear underneath. I think this would also go with your natural colouring. Just my 5 cents worth. :0)

  13. Guess your only other option is the z'babys**t brownz' in the print, lol. That "golden brown" would certainly work for tights. Try some other colors for the undershirt -- you may surprise yourself to find that a navy, a purple, a grey, or a red will work.


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