Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Ramblings

1. Rainbows and unicorns - much better.
2. There IS sewing going on today, so hopefully even the unicorn will be replaced soon.
3. Good news - Tyler called yesterday and says he's headed back down to Florida on Wednesday.
4. I asked if there was anything special he wanted on the Thanksgiving menu.
5. His answer: Beer. :-)
6. Bad news - Alex wrecked his car Friday night.
7. Good news - he's fine.
8. The car is repairable and is at the shop right now.
9. He'll be without it about 3 weeks, though, due to the holidays, insurance adjuster scheduling, and parts ordering.
10. Nothing mechanical, just body (fender and bumper) damage.
11. He didn't get a ticket, even though it was technically his fault.
12. Thank you Mr. Hillsborough County Deputy.
13. Bad news - I CANNOT find the pattern I really wanted to sew, and since it's an $18 indie, I'm still debating re-ordering it.
14. I've made it before (C. Jonson Shirred Princess Wrap) and know it's a good one, but still.
15. Good news - CJ's patterns are on sale until 11/29, so I have until then to either find my original or re-order at a discount.
16. Good and bad news - I went to a shoe store yesterday and bought ... nothing. ??
17. Because we were shopping for Alex, who is picky for himself and never would've stood waiting around while I looked. And I didn't even do that.
18. No, I don't have a fever.
19. I don't have new shoes either.
20. Sob!
21. The sewing room calls ...


  1. You're lucky to live in the US - I'd love to buy a C Jonson pattern, but her shipping option essentially doubles the cost of the pattern. And I got no reply when I emailed to see if there was a cheaper option, or a Canadian distributor. :(
    Oh, well - my inlaws will be settled into the winter house (in Inverness FL) shortly. I hope they won't mind if I have a few packages of fabric shipped to their place... :)

  2. holy cow you guys have too many car incidents!!!! you must have unicorns watching over you.....

  3. Hmmmm fabric choice for the Christine Jonson pattern please?

  4. You know what's gonna happen the minute she drops that pattern in the mail, right ;)

    I am dressing my loom and then working up the nerve to start on the bias cowl tweed number in the winter Burda style. I think you are inspiring me!

  5. Deb, I love your wit - unicorns and rainbows - everything just got 20% better :) Hey, Birdmommy - I live in Inverness, FL - small world and small town!

  6. Sorry about the lack of new shoes, but there is a plus side to that, still have the $$$ for a future she shopping trip. Hmmm, would think Alex would be patient for any amount of shopping, since you'll be the transportation source for the next 3 weeks.;-) Very glad he's OK.

  7. You are so funny! It sounds like you're going to have a pretty good Thanksgiving with your sons. If you provide the beer, does that mean your sons will take care of the turkey and all the fixings? ;-) Glad to see that the train wreck has been replaced with rainbows and unicorns.

  8. Aloha from Josie
    I enjoy reading your blog for the last four years. I am new to sewing. This is my first time posting
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life, sewing beautiful pieces.
    Melekalikimaka and Happy New Year


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