Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ahhh Goodbye Long Weekend I Have Loved You So

I can't believe I have to go back to work in the morning. Well, it's a good thing ... past unemployment, etc., but I was really REALLY enjoying the paid time off. Something I haven't had for almost a year. I hope all of my American readers had a great Thanksgiving! It was very low-key here, just Alex and me, but we cooked (and ate) like we were expecting another dozen. I'm really craving a salad so the leftovers will be set aside tonight and maybe only come out one more time tomorrow before they are tossed. (Don't worry ... Alex has already made sure that not much is being tossed.)

I didn't sew a whole lot over the last four days, but I did what us sewistas do when we're not sewing ... BUY FABRIC. Hahaha. I went to Hancock's yesterday for thread on sale, a couple of invisible zips also on sale, and to see if they still had any of the gray pinstripe left at $3.99/yd. Yes, yes, and yes. Although the fabric initially wasn't coming up as on sale, but the clerk did honor the sign above the bolt, so yay. I left the store spending less than $25, which I count as a win. The pinstripes may be pants soon. Or it may be a blatant copy of Carolyn's latest dress.

I wasn't nearly so thrifty online last night where nearly $100 worth of knits fell into my shopping basket.

And I just spent my CSC / Smuggler's Daughter winnings to take advantage of the "notwalmart" discount code before it expires tonight. A cool fabric was calling my name (below left). I have no idea what to make with it, but I want it nonetheless. I may have been channeling my inner Shams. I'm hoping it speaks to me when I have it in my hands. Another piece may have jumped in the cart too.

And this from the woman who never used to wear black. Hmmm. The times they are a changin'.

The sewing I did do this weekend is still embargoed. I've been testing yet again. I promise ... this is not turning into a pattern testing blog. At first, I was only going to look over the pattern itself and the instructions since X and I both thought the pattern wasn't really my style. However, I don't really have a style, per se, since I tend to just buy/make/wear what I like and what I think looks good on me with maybe only one eye toward "fashionable," and the more I looked at the pattern, the more I decided I did want to at least try it. All I can share before it's released (which will be soon I'm told) is a little sneaky peek.

Yeah,that helps a lot, doesn't it? But since I did manage to get outside for some pics today, when I can share them, they won't be of the usual crappy variety. Ahem. Still, I am not a model and I seriously had to delete about 10 for every 1 I kept. I'm much better at the au naturale bathroom mirror shots.

Not sure how much sewing is going to happen during the week, but I hope at least some since my upcoming Saturday afternoon is already booked with a trip to nowhere on my boss' boat. It's called "The Holiday Death Cruise to Nowhere (with boxed wine)" to give you some idea of the warped senses of humor in my work group. I'm proud? to say I fit right in. Alex is invited too but I'm not sure yet if he really wants to go. Might be kind of boring for him. But still, a boat ride around Tampa Bay can't be all bad even if you're 22 stuck with a bunch of oldies. ;-)

Have a great week!


  1. As you know I love black, so your last two pieces are definitely to my taste.

  2. It's so nice to have paid time off. Why didn't I ask for tmw off too????????
    Congrats on getting out of the fabric store for less than $25. It's hard to do!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! You should definitely make a dress like that since it would probably work well in your new environment. Glad to see you excited about sewing again!

  4. There is some fab fabric there. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it. And I plan on copying the Carolyn dress too when it gets cooler here. I am seeing a Carolyn line out in blogsville.

  5. Ooh, thanks for the sneak peak! I like my job, but I was dreading going back to work this morning, too.

    You're testing a different top than I just did (I can tell that much from the neckline). So you're apparently not testing the same pattern as me, which I was wondering about.

  6. I love black, so I really like those last two pieces. Might have to see if there is some left! Have fun Saturday, supposed to be gorgeous weather all week. :) K

  7. Oooh, I REALLY like the fabric you bought!

  8. I see we were stalking similar fabrics at You are being very mysterious about this pattern....

  9. Oh those two black fabrics!! To die for! You've shopped well!

  10. I have not spent my gift certificate yet. It is just too hard to make a decision! I like what you bought though!

  11. The black and white print piece looks like a cardigan to me.

  12. Hi Debbie,

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