Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did I Say Simple Plans? Hah

So those simple plans I mentioned last post? Yeah. Well. I sewed about 2 seams.

Life happened. Namely, the time I volunteered to help Alex work on his investment house this past weekend multiplied and wore me out.

Alex was out of town this past weekend visiting his brother and nephew and I was to supervise the installation of new carpet on Saturday morning while also installing tile around the new bathroom vanity. One thing led to another ... namely, the carpet installation was pushed back a few hours, the tile saw I needed to rent from Home Depot hadn't been returned by the previous renters, etc., etc. So, I ended up just standing around the house a lot either waiting for or watching/talking with the carpet installer. Time not exactly wasted but not very productive either. And standing around on tile floors all day is tiring even if you do nothing.

Sunday was supposed to be miserable weather-wise (turned out the storm blew past quickly) so I planned to "take off" from Alex's house and hunker down in mine to work on the blouse. Before the weekend started I had really planned to spend both Sunday and Monday as sewing days but since Saturday was a bust, I had to regroup. I did get the Mimosa top cut out and interfaced but not much further. The ties are sewn (but not turned and/or pressed) if that counts. Baby steps. And it's also football playoffs time and some really good games further distracted me. Ah well.

So, while I have no sewing photos to share, I do have some from Alex's house.

First, the new carpet. Only the two bedrooms have carpeting and they are small, but it still took 3+ hours for installation.

The bathroom, after we tore out the yucky old vanity (a few weeks ago).

Alex working on the new vanity, cutting holes in the back to fit around the existing plumbing. This is in the living room — isn't that a cute little built-in in the wall? The house was built in 1952.

Finally, what I did Monday. I still need to go back and grout. The optical illusions from the missing grout make things looks a little crooked and unfinished — but it's all pretty straight IRL. The tiles go around the whole sink area and onto the little side wall to the left of the sink. The big splooosh above the tile will be covered when we do the final paint. There was a very ugly and very 1980s oak towel ring there previously.

I plan to grout the tile Friday after work so I can get back to sewing the rest of the weekend. But we've seen how my plans have been going so I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Well, you did get 2 seams done. It's amazing how life happens.

  2. You got a ton accomplished this weekend! The tile looks interesting and the carpets cozy. And two seams when you're dealing with all that is nothing to scoff at (especially when there's good GO BALL SPORT on the tube. :D

  3. I know only too well about waiting for nothing to happen! I hope the remainder of your plans go better, so you can get back to the important stuff: sewing!

  4. Welcome to the mothers of grown up kids with projects club. You are doing a great job and Alex is lucky you have these skills.


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