Monday, January 1, 2001

Coverstitch: Examples

Picot edge elastic around a neckline:

Topstitching on a denim skirt:

"Straddled" topstitching around a neckband:

Topstitching around a vee neckband:

Free-standing binding strip used as self-fabric

Topstitched waist on lounge pants:

Beltloops made with beltloop folder:

Applied neckline binding on tee:

Topstitching on tee:

Accents strips created with beltlooper and then
topstitched into place with wide coverstitch.

Bound neckline with free-hanging binding strips
as ties:

Double trim on crossover neckline:

Foldover Elastic binding on crossover neckline:

Camisole straps & binding completely done
with binder attachment as a continuous strip:

Topstitching on princess seams, looper side out:

Cardigan with bound edges & binding for ties:

Another neckline trim:

Sleeve trim on bathrobe/dressing gown:

Another sleeve trim:

Two rows of multicolor triple coverstitching
as "trim":

Panties/knickers: Plush elastic serged on, turned
and coverstitched. Elastic applied "in the flat."

Knit top, coverstitched on princess seams and
binding applied with binder attachment.

Sleeve hem binding:

Triple topstitching:


  1. Hello, I have the Janome CoverPro and I was wondering about the binding attachment

  2. Your blog is so informative! I was wondering if you could share the pattern, if there is one, for the turquoise top with the 'knot' in the front.


  3. Thanks for all the examples. But now how may I find the how-to's for some of these techniques? How do I do a "straddled" stitch?

  4. The straddled stitch is just needle placement over the seam. Line up the center mark of the presser foot with the seam.

  5. now i have stopped thinking about buying a coverstitch machine!!! i am going out to buy one tommorrow. thank you for your excellent blog

  6. Thank you for sharing. I was going to trade in my Coverstitch, but then decided against it. I am so glad I kept it.

  7. Thank you. This is an excellent tutorial on coverstitch sergers. I have a Elna 745 and never realized you could get attachments to help give a professional look. I plan to work my way through your tutorial. All those examples you give in the beginning looked so good. Thank you

  8. Wow! Lots of different ideas here. Thank you for sharing all these pictures.


  9. I am so pleased to have found you.
    Thank you so much to share your experience. I am looking and looking at it.
    merci beaucoup.

  10. Oh yes, Dawnie-poo needs a binder!!!!!

  11. wow, you're very talented!! Don't you never have any skipping titches? I own the JANOME 1000dx, and it doesn't like thickness switches at all....
    I'm very upset with this one...


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