Monday, January 1, 2001

Coverstitch: The Difference Between A & B Style Binders

Binders are available for many binding sizes and two finishes. A "raw finish" or "A style" binder folds the strip twice on top and once on bottom, leaving the top edge encased and the bottom edge raw (to be covered by coverstitching). A "clean finish" or "B style" binder folds the strip twice on top and twice on bottom, leaving both raw edges of the binding strip encased.

The photo below shows an A style binding:

The photo below shows a B style binding:

The photo below shows a B style binding being fed through the machine. Notice that both edges of the binding are turned under toward the center.

Below is a close-up of an A style binder.

Compare with a close-up of a B style binder, which has an extra folding "tube" for the fabric strip to pass through.


  1. Debbie, I just got my new 1/2" binder attachment. It's a style A and thanks to your pictures, I've figured out how it works. My only problem now is that the fabric strip wants to curl away from the direction I need it to for the binder. I turn the strip around but then my fabric was wrong side out and then even though it's a style A, the bottom wanted to fold under because it's curling. Any advise?

  2. Some knits just love to curl. With especially unruly binding fabrics, I fuse a thin stretch interfacing to them to keep them flat.

  3. Debbie - Is it important to have the wrong side facing you when you feed it through the binder? And then do you feed your garment right side up? I'm trying to work with one of those very curly knits today. I will try some interfacing to see if that helps! Thanks. Melanie

  4. Melanie, Yes - the wrong side will be facing you as it goes through the binder. Then it will be folded so the right side is on the outside of the binding. And yes, the garment is right side up.

  5. Debbie - I used some fusible knit interfacing on my overly curly knit and it made a world of difference. I actually completed my first project with a neck binding. I would love to make a tank top with binding all around, also making the shoulder straps. I saw a pic once on one you had made. Any tips on trying to do that? Thanks!

  6. I would love to have the binder attachment, I just don't know which one to choose!

  7. I just bought a 900 and the binder is $244? No way. Is this real?


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