Monday, January 1, 2001

Coverstitch: General Beltlooper Set-Up & Usage

Beltloop folders will have a "cut width" and a "finished width." Cut your fabric strips exactly the width specified for the cut width. If they are too narrow or too wide, they won't feed into the folder properly. You can use either knits or wovens.

Attach the folder so that the needles are centered over the exit point of the folder. I prefer to use the widest coverstitch (6mm) when making beltloop strips.

Once the strip is fed through and under the foot, start stitching. The folder does all the work! Your presser foot should hold the strip tightly in place so that you only have to provide the slightest guidance with your hands.

When you're done, you'll end up with a long strip which can now be cut into individual belt loop pieces.

The beltlooper folds both raw edges toward the middle while the machine coverstitches over the raw edges. It can't get simpler than this!


  1. I have a commercial set of attachments with NO instructions. How in the world do you know how wide to cut the strips to feed through for the belt loops or for a double fold binding?

  2. My commercial binders have the cutting widths engraved into them.


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