Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Actual Sewing Going On (and other stuff)

I really, really want to wear the new capris to a school function on Thursday and other projects (see below) have kept me out of the sewing room more than in it. So, I've declared today a PSD (personal sewing day). And because I want to make a new top to wear with them, I'm probably declaring another PSD for tomorrow. After that, though, it's back to installing floors so I have a functioning dining room for the houseguests descending upon us in three short weeks for DS#1's graduation. Although I will be popping into the sewing room on and off during the floor install so I can make the outfit I want to wear for the graduation. Whew! I'm tired already. ;-)

So, the capris are cut and halfway sewn. Then while making pockets, I decided to get out the camera because this little pressing tool has gotten such bad press (har har) on Pattern Review and it really is a handy notion for me. Sure, you can burn the dickens out of your fingers if you're not careful, but if you handle it from the opposite edge of the iron, it stays cool enough that burns are not concern, and it's aluminum so the heat dissipates quickly. I use it for pockets mostly, but I do sometimes use it to start a measured hem or to press a crease in stubborn fabric. I actually like that it's metal and gets extremely hot because pressing denim pockets into shape goes a lot faster with the extra heat and moisture (when the steam hits the metal).

I finished the fly the other day, but not without some mild cussing at myself. See the striped fabric? That's what I cut for the waistband facing and for the pocket bags. And then I promptly tossed the scraps, and DH even more promptly emptied trashcans and took the trash to the end of the driveway for the next day's pick-up. Except that I forgot to cut a fly shield! So, now you all know that these capris don't have a coordinating fly shield. (Will the horrors never end?)

Here's where I am now — with the leg marked for the embroidery I'll be doing as soon as I upload this post. I had to topstitch some of the hem area first so that the embroidery is on top and not vice versa, which means that I have to turn up the rest of the hem later with parts of it already topstitched. That will be fun fiddly.

In other sewing room "news," while I was taking pics of the capris, Chili fished out the empty stabilizer tube from the trash as his new toy of the hour. (Why couldn't he have fished out a scrap of that striped fabric when I needed it??) This dog loves to shred paper/cardboard. He doesn't eat it, just shreds until it can't be shredded any more and then walks away, leaving his pile of shreds. It's actually kind of funny (even if I'm usually the one picking up the shreds) and on this floor what difference is some shreds blended in with the threads?

And, lest you think I'm letting you get away without yet another remodeling update … hah!

The living room and family room are pretty much done. I still have some stuff to put away and some desk organizing to do, but most of the big stuff is unpacked, out, and/or otherwise put where it's going to be. DH hung the new light fixtures in the laundry room, and made & hung the photo ledges for the family room. It's finally starting to feel cozy in this house (well, some parts of it). Various photos below.

My office area looking from the TV end of the room:

Looking at the TV end of things from the kitchen door:

The HGTV-inspired photo ledges DH made:

The new sofa in the living room:

The new overhead laundry room fixture:

And the wall sconce (why does anyone need a wall sconce in a laundry room? And yes, something that is needed is curtains! Shoemaker's barefoot children and all that …):


  1. Debbie,
    First I love your blog. Thanks for all you put into it. Thanks for answering my question below, it's most appreciated, and that folding table has went onto my wish list, but first a dress form is in need. Last, I want to say you have inspired me to try my hand at capri's too, as that is my dream outfit, along with some flip flops, and a wife beater for all I care. My pattern is all cut, and ready to go. I only could hope mines come out HALF as well as yours. Ok I'll settle for a QUARTER.

  2. i've seen this tool, but didn't know why I would need it, thanks for showing this, it all fails I can always get a pair of silicone gloves protect my fingers from the heat, lol

  3. debbie, debbie, debbie....a mismatched fly sheild?!?! i guess we will let it go, *this* time. (VBG) i am also trying to finish a project to wear to a school function on thursday. let's send each good sewing vibes...


  4. Just in case DH or somebody wants to give you a bad time about the sconce in your laundry room, just remind them that there's somebody in Kansas City that has a chandelier in the toilet area of their master bath! That no one will ever see but the owners! DH had a difficult time installing it while periodically rolling his eyes at the same time. :-D Enjoy your sconce. I think it's beautiful. What would life be like without aesthetics, right?

  5. You know what Debbie? I have seen that little thing a million + times in Hancock and I've kept right on moving. Things never make sense until you see somebody else with it. LOL I'm picking up one of those! BTW, the house looks great!

  6. I wanna learn to make capris and pants as well as you do! You are my IDOL. :) Your doggies are too cute as well. And I'm going to buy myself one of those tools. What a great tip!

  7. Yeah, me too...that tool really makes the pockets professional looking. Love the house - looking good!

  8. Debbie I love the capris, but the mismatched fly sheild - well, I guess it's okay. Love the wall sconce. The house is looking great.

    I have a that hem marker tool and use it alot. Your right it works great for getting really sharp folds. What embroidery are you adding? g

  9. Debbie, I use the Dritz hem time a lot. Burned fingers are worth it to me, I guess.

    Btw, I rather like the mismatched fly facing.

  10. What is not to love? I adore my Ezy-hem. I have seen the hate out there and I just don't understand.

    I had to come out of lurkdom and tell you how much I love your office area. I am so jealous. My computer and small wannabe business area is in the corner of my bedroom. It is not functioning and I must do something. I totally love your setup.


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