Friday, April 27, 2007


It seems that the embroidery just does not want to be photographed, but here's another attempt anyway. The effect is subtle, but not this subtle!

There was a question in the comments about the embroidery design. It comes from a Husqvarna Viking disk, #150 Designer Flowers. Apparently, this collection has been discontinued because it's no longer listed on the HV website. But the image files were still there with a little digging and I came up with this screen grab.

As you can see, the original design is smaller and has many more colors than my final motif. I used Embird for the editing. Below is the "Mega Hoop" design I created from bits and pieces of the original HV design.

This is the single hooping file for the pockets, which is just a separated-out section of the larger design above.

Here's a shot of the pockets. You can see the embroidery a bit better here than in the leg shot. (Reminder: You can click to enlarge all of the photos.)

And here are the pockets on my backside, the embroidery again being an elusive model.

The outfit on Zillie:

A close-up of the gathered short sleeve:

I've had comments in favor of the length of the top. I'm still giving it thought. I don't usually wear my tops this long and it sorta feels like the typical, big & baggy top that plus-size women hide under. I know it isn't the same, but with the extra pounds that have recently found their way onto my already fluffy self, it's difficult to get past that feeling. That's one downside to having a great kitchen that I love to cook in! ;-)


  1. Very pretty!!

    Sigh... I guess I have to add "embroidery machine" in there with "cover stitch machine".

    Whoever said that making your own clothes was less expensive than buying them! ;)

  2. Your outfit is great, Debbie. Love the color, embroidery and the sleeves on the top. I think the top is a bit long, but the style is going back to a longer top. Great job.

  3. Debbie, the whole outfit is really cute and flattering. I don't think the top is too long, and it certainly doesn't look like the "big & baggy" tops people use to hide in. As someone else commented, the longer tunic-style length seems to be quite popular again. You look great in the outfit! I wish could sew 1/2 as well as you do...very jealous :-(

  4. The embroidery adds a nice touch. I have to start using my embroidery unit in a nice subtle way like that! Haven't had it plugged in in years!

    I think the lenght of the top looks great. And I love the little gathered sleeve! I may have to try that top. g

  5. Debbie, that pants is fitting you too well, there is such a thing as 'overfit' you isn't even a teeny tiny crease in the backside!!!

  6. Thanks for the info on the embroidery! Nice job on expanding the design! I feel challanged now to see what I can come up with on my Pfaff. Your top looks way too stylish and well done to be "big and baggy"! Both pants and top are great! IMO, one of your best!

  7. V nice and flattering outfit Debbie. I really like the embroidery - wish I could get motivated to learn to use my emb module.

  8. Thanks for the photos - love the embroidery. My machine does embroidery but as of yet I haven't used it......I will oneday.....maybe.

  9. I like the embroidered capris and truly love the top. Great fabric!

  10. You are so creative! Tell us--how long does it take you to make capris with a fly zip, pockets, and a proper waistband? I always squeak by with an invis zip and no pockets, dragging my purse everywhere (yuck!) but I'm blocked, thinking that a fly and side pockets/back patch pockets will take *hours*. Help!

  11. Very very nice Debbie, I think it's a very flattering outfit and I love the tone-on-tone embroidery. It's been fun following the whole creating process!


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