Monday, April 30, 2007

Double-Duty Dress

I need a dress for Mother's Day and my older son's graduation. Mother's Day comes first, so that means a May 13th deadline. Although I may get a reprieve because *my* mom will be here for the graduation and we're thinking of delaying Mother's Day dinner until graduation weekend so we can do everything at once. (And, really, anything to reduce the activities during May would be welcome.)

I've decided that I'll make this dress, from the Spring 2006 Burda Plus magazine (cover shot below because I've yet to figure out the numbering system for these Plus issues). Except I'll be making it in a knit with a lower neckline and leaving off the zipper, facings, and matching stole. I made a WOF dress a couple of years that was based on a similar style and also used a knit instead of woven for it. I tried it on over the weekend and even with the extra fluff, it still fits. Which is great, because I cut a straight 48 for that and only made square/narrow shoulder adjustments. It would be great for my schedule if I can get away with equally minimal fit adjustments for this one.

I'm also going to make this now-TNT Butterick 4986 top to wear over the dress, to serve as both arm and tummy camouflage.

I won't be making a muslin for the top, but I definitely will for the dress. I've got some knits in the stash that I'm more than happy to sacrifice. The final fabric will be this drapey rayon/Lycra knit, which you seen before with my 2-seam twist top.


  1. I love the pattern and fabric you've picked out. I've been reading your blog and pattern reviews for a little while now. Your work is amazing and I'm so glad you share. I want to sew again and you've been very inspriational. I like to sew ... I have a mental block with fit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good thing you have a stash (and non-sewists wonder what it's for, don't they?) Out of curiousity, if yuo were making the dress in a woven would you make a muslin? As it can be tissue-fit (on half the body)?

  3. I've always liked that dress. I can't wait to see it when you finish it.


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