Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Homestretch

It's just after 5:30 p.m. and the crown molding is installed and we're both still alive. ;-) Crown is the biggest pain-in-the-youknowwhat so there was a good chance we'd kill each other today, but it went pretty smoothly. I think part of that is owed to the boys taking themselves and the dogs to the dogpark so we could have peace and quiet during all the calculations and fiddling.

Next up is the quarter-round molding around the floor and then to caulk all the moldings and touch up the paint. I think we might actually have a real family room by this time tomorrow. Woo hoo!

It's pizza for Easter dinner tonight, but that's OK. We're on a roll now …

On a side note, I was looking at the pics from moving day and I "found" a table I had completely forgotten about. It's the one with all the bags on top of it. Hmmm. Now I have to figure out where to put that.


  1. I love seeing how your renovations are taking place. You really have achieved a lot over the weekend. Well done!

  2. I envy your ability to know how to do the projects you and your DH are doing. Your family room looks awsome. In fact, the projects you have shown blow me away. Great job. Happy Easter--even w pizza.

  3. Debbie ~ I am soooo impressed! You and your husband put in a lot of hard work and have a beautiful family room. Can't wait to see shots of the room with the furniture in it.

  4. Debbie the room looks great. That table goes behind the sofa - for al the mail to get dumped on. Can't wait to see final pictures - that will mean you've finally got a chance to become reacquainted with your sewing room. g


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