Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just passing by

It's Tuesday and I've still got nuthin' in the sewing department and the outlook is bleak until Thursday at the earliest.

We switched computers around on Sunday so I'm now typing at you from my new/old desk in the family room. Surrounded by a bunch of knick-knacks and wall art that I've been unpacking from the boxes we've been dragging out of the storage bin dining room. So many things I forgot I even had, and now decisions to be made as to exactly where to put some of this stuff and what to just toss. It feels like we've just moved in all over again. But at least this time, I'm clearing things instead of stashing them for later. I can actually see the dining room floor again.

We also moved the new sofa into the living room, although once we put the door & frame back on that doorway, it ain't never coming out again — at least not in one piece. Whew! That was a tight fit getting it in. But it looks pretty good, even if it is clashly wildly at the moment with the area rug. But until we get all the floors done downstairs, new area rugs are on hold since I don't want to be grinding drywall dust and who-knows-what into any new ones. I'll take some pics of the "new" rooms in a few days, after more of the junk decorative items are in place.

We did manage to drop nearly $200 at Lowe's last night. Supplies for this weekend's project of some photo ledges a la HGTV's Room By Room to go in the family room, new light fixtures for the laundry room since the bare bulbs are not quite the look we're going for, and a bunch of other little stuff (tape, paintbrushes, light bulbs, etc.) which adds up quickly.

The fabric for my to-do capris has been laid out on my cutting table for close to two weeks now. I'm sure I'll need to dust it off before I start cutting. But I'm really, really hoping to do that and get them sewn by the end of the weekend and then move on to the outfit I want to make for DS#1's graduation, which I'll also wear for Mother's Day. And somewhere between now and then we also need to get the dining room floor installed. Anyone have any spare hours for sale?

DS#2's 15th birthday is tomorrow, which means some shopping today. I know what I/he wants, so it's just a matter of hitting the stores. DH wants to join me, so I'll be taking off as soon as he's back from some client meetings and I'm back from walking the dogs. It also means he'll be getting his learner's permit tomorrow. Uh oh.


  1. Lowes! My second favorite store, next to Hancocks. :) I remember learner permit days. I saved a car (1985 Toyota Corolla) for my kids and always worried about them wrecking it. I was the one who totalled it! Eek.

  2. Another driver ... great, more time for you to sew as you can now send him out for stuff! For every errand he gets an additional couple of hours of "wheel time"? Who knows, it just might work ...

  3. Only 200 at Lowes? You got off easy - ROFL.

    Good luck getting all your errands in. I'm looking forward to what you'll whip up next!

  4. Debbie, you have inspired me! You redid an entire room. I'm going to move the shelves in the bookcase in my sewing room! Yes, mine is a much smaller job, but I have to take baby steps when it comes to reorganization. You are still an inspiration!

  5. Okay I need you to understand this in the spirit it is intended, alright aready - can you sew something pleeze! *smile* Your new computer area is looking good but even I am yearning for a peek into your sewing room!


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