Monday, April 2, 2007

Senior Prom

Even if my sewing was a bust, one good thing did happen this weekend — DS#1 and his girlfriend attended their Senior Prom on Saturday night. That's them being all serious and glamourous and grown-up.

This, on the other hand, is really them — all silly and goofy!

We had a mad-dash scramble the afternoon of the prom, looking for DS' entrance ticket. We looked everywhere. He said he gave it to me to keep. I said I gave it to him. It wasn't in any of our "safe-keeping" places. So we eventually, grudgingly gave up the hunt and I sent him with a check in case he had no choice but to buy another ticket (if they'd even let him do that). Luckily, he's pretty well-known at school (in a good way), and he had no trouble from the teachers and chaperones after explaining he'd lost his ticket.

They stayed out all night long, with a group of friends in a hotel near the dance venue. (Yeah, I know. But they're all over 18.) They brought extra clothes for hanging out and bathing suits for swimming in the indoor pool. DS' girlfriend forgot to bring different shoes so when they all went out for breakfast, she wore DS' flip-flops (size 12!) and he wore his dress tuxedo shoes (with his board shorts and tee shirt). I wish I had a picture of that!

They made it home safe and sound around noon on Sunday, tired but happy.


  1. Cute couple! Thanks for sharing pics.

  2. What a nice dress! Didn't they just 'do' Prom?
    Great idea to stay over, that way you know they will be safe.

  3. The last formal dance was Homecoming, open to all the students. This is the Senior Prom, the last goodbye, send-off for the graduating senior class. Which means after this, DS is on his own for tuxedo rentals. ;-)

  4. Debbie I think they look wonderful! So you are almost done with the tux thing with DS #1 - but there is still DS #2 - lol. Of course his humor maybe a designed tux style t-shirt all funny. Love hearing about the work on your house too! Ours moves slow too, as life gets in the way sometimes, & we like playing-spending time with the kiddos. - LauraM62

  5. What makes you think you're done with tux rentals?? LOL
    Your proms are early arent they? We've got another month here - which means I can procrastinate another couple of weeks before making dsd's dress - although her prom is same day as ds's college graduation - 13 hours away.
    Great pics.


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