Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time to Dust Off the Ol' Machines


The capris are now cut out and all interfacing has been fused into place. I'm ready to thread up and start sewing. Unfortunately, I have to go out and run some errands first. But I will be returning to these today. The bug has bitten hard.

Sitting on the ironing board, forgotten since they arrived weeks ago from Lucy's Fabrics, I found these. I'll be tossing some of them into the washer before I leave … as soon as DH is done putting up the new light fixtures in there (which are looking pretty good — Oops, sorry Carolyn, I reverted to remodeling again). All of the fabrics are very nice as usual, but the clay doubleknit (fourth down in the pile) is DEE-vine. Run and get you some before it's all gone. Mine will be more capris very soon because I want to LIVE in them all summer long.

Oh, and you'll have to trust me on this, but the capris are not as neon orange as they appear in the photo above. The color is a more subtle coral.


  1. Hi,

    Can you explain to a newbie like me your cutting table setup. Right now I used my unusually high bed, and a cutting mat. However the bed still isn't that high and my back always hurts afterwards. Your set up looks doable though. Care to describe it for me, so I can perhaps consider something like that for me.


    BTW I have that pattern too. I want to see if I can make the pants.

  2. do you interface the entire pattern? what is that under the capri pieces? do you shrink the interfacing first?

    lotsa questions...learning from you!

  3. Necia - The cutting table is a Sullivan table like this, purchased at Joann's with a coupon. It has a white cutting mat (also from Joann's) on top.

    Celaine - I only interface one side of the waistband, the fly extensions, and the pocket edges. I use mostly Palmer/Pletsch interfacging and do not preshrink them. What you see "under" the capri pieces is just the back side of the denim, I think.

  4. Finally, some fabric, some cutting some sewing...did you hear that sigh of relief! :)

  5. Thanks, I was also curious about your cutting table setup. I'm new to your blog and slowly getting back into sewing, just looking for new inspirations and ideas.


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