Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming 2007

Here's my "baby" Alex (15-1/2) in our driveway before we headed over to his date's house:

And here's the beautiful couple:

Everything was going well, time-wise, until we pulled into Samantha's driveway and Alex said, "Uh, mom. I think I forgot something." Before the words were even out of his mouth, I realized we had left Samantha's wristlet corsage at home in our refrigerator. Oops. I dropped him and made a mad dash back to our house to pick it up. We basically live on the same road (different names as it continues through 3 zip codes), but it's a long road and about a 15-minute drive between our house and hers. I made it back before the deadline for leaving for the restaurant so all was well.

Alex, Samantha, two other couples and Samantha's parents took off for Outback Steakhouse and then Samantha's parents dropped off the teenagers at the dance venue, which is a brand new media and theater center that's part of a local community college campus. Alex says it was very nice and much better than last year's venue, which was one of the big buildings at the Florida State Fairgrounds. In previous years, the school has also used Raymond James Stadium, the place where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team plays. One of the other girl's parents picked up the group and dropped them off at their individual houses so my participation was easy-peasy and I had a nice peaceful night to myself.

In response to a comment, yes, the Homecoming dances in our area are formal. I think it's great because it gives all the high schoolers one opportunity per year to go all out and have some good, clean fun. Prom is for Seniors only here, but Homecoming is open to all the grades. With both sons in high school, last year was a doozy for the budget because we had to rent two tuxedos for Homecoming and another for Prom, plus shell out the money for corsages, dinners, etc., but this year we're back to only one high-schooler and one tux/one event until Alex is a Senior.

And for non-U.S. readers asking what Homecoming actually is, I'll refer you to last year's Homecoming post, here. Yes, Alex is trying out different hairstyles. ;-) Last year, was a 5-inch Mohawk. This year, he's shaggy and curly, with hair much too pretty for a boy. I wish mine was still that red on its own. But there's no denying he's my son — he looks just like me, except for his blue eyes.

Oh, and the football team won Friday night 32-13. A perfect Homecoming week all around.


  1. What a cute couple they make. Once a certain age, the opportunity to get really dressed up and socialize in a formal way is a "good thing" carrying them further along toward maturity. Kids have so much fun participating in a grown-up world.

    As an aside: I miss my red hair too. Red-heads don't always grey well, mine is dull. Highly irritating.

  2. Hasn't he grown up! The last photos I saw of him was when you were doing up the house still - he must have been about 13. They change so much at that age - he's a young man now.
    Nils (my 5 year old) saw the photo of the mohawk and laughed 'look at his hair'. I thought 'you wait till you're 14 matey'!

  3. That's a good-looking kid, Debbie, and your sewing's excellent. Your comment about homecoming reminds me of a recent exchange I had with a California friend about the all-important homecoming mum for Texas girls — don't know if it's the fashion in Florida.

  4. Alex is such a fine looking young man! Love that hair! He looks so much more grown up than when he had the mohawk. I guess that is a good thing when you are 15. Cute couple!
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  5. I love seeing high school kids all dressed up! Your son and his date look wonderful. I like "shaggy and curly" better than the 5" mohawk. Few things look as good as naturally red hair!

  6. He's really looking like a man now, isn't he? Sigh, they grow up fast! I loved Homecoming - lots of good activities from football game and bonfires to parade and floats and then dress-up time. I was always thrilled to have pictures of the kids all purtied up in something other than sports uniforms!

  7. Cute couple.
    I didn't mean to imply that Homecoming WASN'T a formal affair here (at least for the girls). As a matter of fact when ds first went, I was quite surprised at how "formal" it had become. I'm pretty sure I'm older than you Debbie, but when I was in high school, girls wore wool sweaters, and plaid skirts to Homecoming. I'm pretty sure the guys wore suits though.
    Oh, and BTW, if you think it's expensive for the boys (and yes, if he takes a date, I guess he pays for dinner?) you should try having a daughter! I'll never forget the first year dd#1 went, there was the dress, the shoes, the jewlery, the hair (of course done at a salon) the nails (again a salon) the tickets to the dance, AND the dinner (if she went with a group of girls) We took out a loan. lol

  8. Wow, Debbie, he has matured. I'm sure the new "do" has something to do with it, but he looks so much older now. Beautiful couple. So nice to hear of great kids with attentive and involved parents. We see/hear so much of the other that it's nice to see how most teenagers are. At least I hope so! The negative press really leads you to believe they are all disrespectful and irresponsible. You can tell your boys are neither.

  9. oooohhh, I do love a red head. So nice to see teens dressed up and looking civilized. Very nice looking couple, and her dress compliments his hair so nicely. *G*

  10. DD got invited to her old school's homecoming, and was horrified when I told her the same dress would have to do for both homecomings.
    We are talking totally separate towns these schools are in - no chance of anyone seeing that dress twice. Oh wait - noooooo her MySpace pictures will be in the same dress!!!!!
    Boys are at least easier if not less expensive. Less dressing room tears, too!

  11. oh the memories that stir looking at these photos. My 'baby' just got engaged, so we're in for more tux's again. Hope you enjoyed your down time.

  12. They look so good! He has really grown up over the past year. Beautiful hair!

    Homecoming sounds wonderful there. It's pretty much a bust here. The game is the only important thing and the only dressing up being done is the "maids" and queen!!

  13. how fun! we just celebrated Pauls first homecoming a few weeks ago. Your son has gorgeous hair! I'm partial to redheaded boys. Before long...he'll be driving !


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