Saturday, October 21, 2006

Proud Mom Moment

Please indulge me while I show off my handsome sons. This is Homecoming weekend for their high school. It's somewhat bittersweet as this is DS#1's last Homecoming. But at the same time it's DS#2's first (he's the one with the mohawk). Yes, TWO tuxedo rentals and all the related expenses in one week! What fun they're going to have!

I hope they stay safe tonight. I'll be up until they're back and in their beds.

ETA: Maria asked for an explanation of what Homecoming is. Here's the short version Maria.

Homecoming is an annual tradition in the United States where high schools and colleges come together, usually in late September or October, to welcome back former residents and alumni to "come home" to their former school. It is built around a central event, usually a football game and often coincides with the last "home" game of the season. During the week preceding the football game, there are other student activites including parades, dress-up days in school colors and other fun themes, pep rallies, etc. That week is called "Spirit Week."

The students also nominate a "Homecoming Court" of a certain number of males and females who will be voted on by secret ballot to choose a Homecoming Queen and King from the senior (or graduating) members of the Court. The Court is usually presented during the halftime of the football game and the Queen is crowned, often by the previous year's Queen. At some schools, the King is also crowned then and at others (like at my sons' school), the King is crowned at the dance the following night. Being in the Court, or King or Queen is an honorary and only-for-fun designation.

The week culiminates with a big dance, either formal or semi-formal dress, held either on or off the school campus. As you can see by the photos, my sons' school dance is formal. Their dance was held off-campus.


  1. I can see why you are such a proud mom. Two handsome fellows, so nice they could share homecoming together.

  2. Debbie - very handsome young men! (and the girl, too).
    I've heard about "homecoming" for years, and have no idea what it is (except a big party, and they elect a queen, but why?)... Could you explain to us non-americans?

  3. At least the expense of renting tuxedos resulted in purty pictures of your two cuties in something other than football unies!

    Interesting to see that in your part of the country they wear tuxes for homecoming. Around here the guys seldom even wear suits and the girls wear short formal dresses. Heck, in my day it was sweater and skirt and the corsage was a huge mum with ribbons in your school colors.

    Hope they both had a great time and ma and pa got a good night's sleep!

  4. Small towns often have "Homecoming" also. My hometown of Deckerville, Michigan has a Homecomming every summer. There is an entire week of activities, parades, food, etc. People who have moved on after High School graduation are encouraged to return and visit with friends.

  5. Thank you so much for that explanation, Debbie! Neither me or my husband knew what all the fuss was about - It's nice to be educated :-)

  6. handsome men! looks like it was fun. here it's just suits for the boys (we live across the street from a park and the lake, and everyone comes to take photos -- i see everything!)

  7. Awh! They look great. I love the mohawk!

  8. How cute is that!! And I love that girl's dress! And the flower.


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