Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cutting Table Interruptus

Remember how it looked last weekend?

This is what it looks like after Sunday night.

It was done. All except bringing it upstairs and putting the top on. I hate to say "I told you so," but I told DH he really should assemble it *in* the sewing room because I didn't think it would fit through the doorway.

Guess who was right? ;-)

Sigh. I may get to Home Depot and buy some more honkin' big wood screws so DS#1 and I can work on it during the week. Or I may not. I have more than enough other tasks to keep me busy no matter how impatient I feel about the new table. I'm just glad we didn't separate the top from the old base yet so I still have a working table.

I'm sure we'll be laughing about this next week.


  1. Oh, Poor Debbie!!!

    I'm laughing now...but that's easy, it's not MY table.

    I *hate* it when I'm right like that! It would be mean to say 'I told you so!'... and it's hard not to let 'I told you so!' even appear in the eyes.

    But after waiting and spending the money and the effort...to be 'right' about the impending problem....


    (snicker, snicker. Not MY table... ;) )

  2. Heh heh, now that's funny. Well, it really is, y'know! :)

    These are the times I just turn around and walk away so that I don't let the Itoldyaso's slip out....'cause I know I'm not infallible, either!


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