Monday, November 19, 2007

Frayed Pieces

This is what happens when (1) you leave pillows unattended, (2) the DH isn't keeping an eye on the dog hooked up to the outside line, and (3) you rearrange the furniture so that the sofa backs right up to your desk.

The white snips on the table are the plastic insides of pillow welting. Yes, Dani snagged another one. By the time she outgrows this, the pillows will be round instead of square as I keep sewing the corners inward. She has a thing (whatever it is) for plastic. She chewed the (plastic) zippers. I sewed the pillows permanently shut. Then she must've smelled the plastic cording inside the welts around the pillows. I sewed those nibble holes shut. But she keeps finding the rest of the cording and nibbling. I keep fixing them. There's no way I'm about to buy or make new pillows until she's over this. Any visitors to the family room will just have to deal with the lopsided pillows for a while. ;-)

The black pieces are one of our leashes and the harness we bought for Dani for hooking her up to the zip line DH put in last week. DH was outside this morning relocating two bushes from right in front of the dining room window to either side of our front door so the (spoiled rotten) dogs can see out the window better. He had the pooches out with him but wasn't really watching the whole time. Dani is a fast chewer. The leash was only in two pieces so easy enough to zigzag back together, almost as good as new. The harness, however, needs webbing replacement. I'll head to Joann's tonight or tomorrow and buy a couple of yards. But as I type, I'm thinking I should get enough to do this twice, going on Dani's track record.

The nose is Chili's. He now delights in getting onto the back of the sofa and walking straight onto my desk/table. It's behind me as I type on the computer so when I hear papers rustling, I know he's peeking over my shoulder. Silly dog. We really do not allow our dogs to walk on the furniture (save for the family room sofas and my bed). But how can you yell at that face?

I'll be busy over the next couple of days …getting ready for Turkey Day and all and maybe sewing myself a new tee … and I'm not sure if I'll remember to post on the actual day. So, if I don't, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. Happy November 22nd to those who don't.


  1. Enjoy! I think Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. I suppose Christmas is similar but an extra "thanks" can't be anything except a good thing! Of course we don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia...but we do have a holiday for a horse race!!

  2. Oh gosh, I'm laughing as I read your post because I can just picture Dani peeking over your shoulder! Seriously, you know you should correct them but they are just so darn cute!!!
    Abby, our puppy, does things like that also. The bottom of our couch is becoming quite frayed as she pushes all of her balls underneath the couch and then rips at the underfabric when she can not reach them. She also jumps up on the couch when she things we don't see her.
    They are a handful aren't they?

  3. All of our dogs have had passion for SOMETHING as pups/young dogs. Now, Bumper chews the collar off Onyx when Onyx stays still long enough. In fact, I'm still trying to find it this a.m. in the back yard so I can put her tags on yet a new collar!

  4. Life with dogs, such an adventure!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to Debbie & all your "boys"...and Dani too :D


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