Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I started the day's kitchen duties making this apple pie, crust from scratch too (which I don't usually do since the refrigerator crusts at the store are pretty good, but I forgot those. Oops.). The lattice isn't the neatest and the apple filling ran over, but it tasted quite yummy — which goes to show you that looks aren't everything. ;-)

After the pie, the turkey went into the oven. Every time I make a turkey, I am so grateful for the double ovens here at the Money Pit. I can put the big bird into the bottom oven, forget about it until it's done and still have a full oven's worth of space above. I may not yet have a real floor in the kitchen, but I love it all the same.

Once the turkey was underway, I continued with 18 dozen of 3 different kinds of cookies. Those are for DH to take when he goes back on the road, and for the teenage eating machines during the coming week. I figured I was already trashing the kitchen, so why not. I think 2 dozen have already been vacuumed up. I had to hide the rest for a couple of days.

After the cookies, it was potato peeling time. White potatoes for garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes for a casserole with pecans, brown sugar, butter, condensed milk, and cinnamon. I don't make a traditional pumpkin pie because this casserole takes its place and we like it better. The pecans, butter and brown sugar are mixed together (with a bit of flour) and folded into the whipped potatoes to bake up crunchy and streusel-like.

Then it was time to put together the perverbial green bean and french fried onion casserole (DS#1's favorite) and sautee onions and celery and apples for the stuffing.

Everything came together on time and we stuffed ourselves like most other Americans today. The feast leftovers are now packed away and taking up every spare inch in the fridge. I won't have to cook again for days.

I hope your day was as peaceful and full of family & love as ours.


  1. Boy, after our cooking today, my next kitchen will have a double oven today too. Microwaved yams just don't cut it. LOL Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Yep, I agree with Claire - a double oven would be fabulous to have. That pie looks scrumptious!

  3. I'm with the rest; a double oven is a big helper. I had one at my last house, but this house has a kitchen so small I get claustrophobia if 2 other people are in it with me. Oh well. And your refrigerator is way neater than mine right now. Isn't it nice to have people who like to eat what you cook? Happy belated Thanksgiving. Vicky F

  4. I'm still stuffed, LOL. Happy Thanksgiving! (ps...pie looks nummy.)

  5. My Mom told every person in our family who was building a house to demand double ovens. Do I have them? No. I have a state of the art TINY oven instead. I told DH he must spring for an electric roaster, as he wants not one but three kinds of meat for Christmas dinner!!


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