Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, I've now found out that I really should've tested my back yoke in something other than the good fabric. It's too low and it feels like it's cutting the cheeks in half. Not because it's too tight but because it's in an odd spot that is fleshier than where it should be hitting.

I just ordered more of the same fabric so I can re-do them. I haven't decided yet whether I'll re-do everything or just cut new backs without a yoke. Which is worse? Ripping out the sideseams which have been serged and topstitched? Or cutting all the pieces over and sewing them again?

Time to take the dogs out, clear my brain, and then off for my haircut. And, yes, I checked. My son took the Mustang today so I have my own wheels.

ETA: OK, back from the dog walk. I've decided to put the pants on hold until the new fabric arrives. If it matches perfectly, I'll just recut the back legs. The temps have dropped but my internal thermometer is still on summer because I couldn't wait to get my feet out of closed shoes and my flip-flops back on. So, I don't think it'll kill me to wait for the fabric and much cooler temperatures.


  1. I hope your fabric does match because it would be nice not to have to do the pockets and fly again. Not hard, just a PITA. I'm going to trace out my last Burda Plus WOF capri pattern and turn it into a jeans pattern with scoop pockets too. I hope you don't mind if I just do what you do. Then I know I'll be styling for the Fall/Winter season. ;D


  2. Oh no, you are not having a good run of luck! Hopefully the cold doesn't take hold and something else inspires you in the mean time!


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