Tuesday, February 5, 2008

As Seen On Our Daily Walks

I love where we live, even if the house we live *in* still isn't finished. At this point, I'm realizing it probably never will be. One of the things I really like is the narrow road behind our property where I walk the dogs. It's a lazy road, about a mile long, with lots of open spaces. We rarely have to watch out for cars. It's quiet back there but there's always something to watch (or sniff, in the case of the poochies) and I come back from the walks peaceful and happy.

Yesterday, I finally remembered to bring my camera. I've been wanting to get pics of the various critters we see along the way. Below is a sampling of down just one half of the road.

First up, cows. They love eating the Spanish Moss which hangs from the trees. When they're close to the road, I'll often pull some down and feed it to them. It takes a little coaxing to get them over to me, but they usually can't resist the sight of that fresh moss.

The goats. These guys take no coaxing whatsoever to come close. Before I got here, they were all just casually grazing but as soon as they saw me, they came running. Sorry goats. No veggies for you today. On the days I do bring carrots and celery, Chili and Dani eat just as many as do the goats and give me dirty looks if they think the goats are getting a bigger share.

This guy is the chief billy. He's very greedy and often head-butts subordinates outta the way.

You'll have to squint for this one. At the right, near the telephone pole is a horse and a rooster. It was about 2 PM but the rooster was just crowing away.

These guys bark and run around non-stop every time we walk by. You'd think they'd remember they know us by now. They are actually very friendly and are just trying to get my pups to join in their fun. They are all rescues and are living a pretty good country life now. Lucky dogs.

Another yard, another dog. This is Pepper's dog-walk boyfriend. She just adores Java (his name) and starts whining and whimpering when we get near his yard. Java likes her too and always comes over to say hello. He's got the most beautiful ice-blue eyes and is much more obedient than my dogs will ever be.

A couple more horses. They're in their stables today but they are often out grazing in their yard, along with their 3 dog "brothers" who come out and bark at us from time to time.

The donkeys. We hear these guys braying from our yard a lot. I like hearing them, the roosters, and cows off in the distance. If they were right next door, probably not so much. ;-)


  1. Thank you for those pictures - they remind me to slow down and enjoy life wherever you are. I have a donkey living close to me and it is nice to hear him off in the distance from time to time, but I don't think I'd want him any closer! :)

  2. Funny, I'm probably only a few miles away and I see such different things on my walks! Armadillos, raccoons, turtles, snakes...
    I'd love to be out in the "country".

  3. We lived in Jacksonville for 8 years, now in Alaska and it's -20 this morning, I enjoyed the virtual walk! I found your site yesterday and spent a long time looking at your tutorials and pictures, I am inspired to do some more garment sewing and get the fitting thing down, and the bras! I would love to learn to make bras. Thanks so much! Kathy

  4. Your pictures sure don't look like where my mother lives in Florida. Reminds me of SC, 20 miles or so off the coast. I like to let my boys and their "dog brother" out to romp in our fenced in yard.

    My house is finally about finished, and I've been here 18 years. You've got time....

  5. Thanks for the photos. They were very interesting. I enjoy seeing where other people live.

  6. Thanks for showing those pics.You do live in a beautiful area of the country. I always enjoy stories and pics of the pups.

  7. Thanks for taking us for a walk with you! You sure do see a variety! Yes, roosters crow all day long, from WAY too long before sun-up until the sun goes down! No more roosters for this family! We are a "hens only" household!

  8. How fortunate you are to have such pleasant surroundings.


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