Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Pants, Revisited

Tonight was DS#2's football banquet, signaling the official end of the high school football season for us. His team did make it to the playoffs, but lost in the first round. We blame the weather. It was incredibly cold, even by northern standards. Around 45 degrees with a strong wind. Wind Chill Factor is not usually a term heard in Central Florida, but OMG ... we were miserable, and sorely underdressed. Thankfully, we were able to borrow an extra blanket from people we knew and were slightly more comfortable. The boys on the field had no such luxuries and it showed. The final score was 14-7, so it was close and a nail-biter the whole time.

Anyway, DS got his Varsity letter tonight and Santa is bringing the letterman jacket to go with it. I wore my Turkey Pants to the banquet and actually thought to snap a pic when we got home. The jacket is the one from Burda WOF that I blogged about last year and the blouse is the re-drafted Ottobre Woman "vintage blouse" I made for my (now unneeded) office wardrobe. Sorry, I'm too lazy to link to the older posts. I still love this jacket and I was even glad it was cold enough to wear it tonight.

Wrestling season is up next.


  1. The turkey pants look great, in fact, a very stylish outfit for the banquet. Congrats to your son on his varsity letter.

  2. The pants look great and the whole outfit is very nice and pulled together looking. Nice to have you back posting girl!

  3. Sexy mamma. Loverly britches.

    (Was beginning to think you took up needlepoint or whatnot.)


  4. Love the pants! I was in marching band in high school and we went to the playoffs one year and it was SO COLD. I still remember how freezing I was out there twirling my flag.

  5. The turkey pants look good! Who'd think they had the extra food room!

    Sorry for your son's team defeat, and sorrier still that it was in craptastic weather!

  6. Your turkey pants are everything but a turkey - they look great and pulled together with the jacket. Nice sewing there. mssewcrazy

  7. Love the turkey pants and the jacket!
    Hurray for the Varsity Football letter!
    And if it's like my house, hello to salads, etc. to cut the weight "maintained/gained" during the fall! Gotta love them wrestlers! Nothing like making weight to make them want junk food! My son's first tournament is Saturday. So for me it's not only hello wrestling season but hello Bleacher Butt! You know, that numb feeling that starts in your rump and migrates up because you spent all day long sitting on those (hard, unforgiving)bleachers!

    Good luck to your son for wrestling season!

  8. I love the pants and Jacket, theres nothing better than beng able to wear an outfit that you made yourself ! You simply dont have the worry of if someone else will be out on the town wearing the same as you :)

  9. I'm reviewing your Full Inner Thigh Tutorial. I'm trying to make the necessary adjustments. I'd like to ask you specific questions about your tutorial but I don't see an email address. Do you mind answering some questions? I also posted my question on PatternReview (4u2cme) under Plus Size Sewing ... Pant Fitting
    Joyce in NC


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