Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Invasion of the Sewing Machines

This is the view from the door of my sewing room. Don't look at all the thread snips on the floor, OK? Oh rats, you just did, didn't you? ;-)

As you can see I've moved in the treadle. I've also got the "newest addition" sitting on the cutting table at the moment. It needs a home too, but that might be just a clear-off space on the shelf under the table. I'm still playing with it for now so it can remain out while we get to know each other.

The treadle corner used to have stacked Sterlite cabinet-drawers. (Click here to see a Before pic.) Those have now been dispersed to other places in the room, temporarily. I wanted a full view of the treadle whenever I walked into the room because it's just so darn pretty and this was the best spot to keep everything workable for me. It's a good set-up, and Belinda's Victorian-esque heart pillow hanging above the treadle is a perfect accent for it. (It's not centered at the moment because, remember, those Sterlite cabinets used to be there.)

I've never liked all the wasted space underneath a typical ironing board. And now that I've got some storage containers in limbo in other parts of the room, it's just screaming at me to come up with a better arrangement. I have drafted my two sons and the younger's girlfriend who loves to build things for making an ironing board "station" for me. It's summer, they're bored, and a simple project will give them something productive to do as well as provide me with something I've wanted. I'll work up some plans/measurements tonight and send them off for supplies in the morning.

(Piled on the end of the ironing board are the capris that don't fit.)

I still can't believe how my machinery has multiplied exponentially in just a few weeks. I've now got 4 working sewing machines, a serger, and a coverstitch machine. I'm out of room in here so I'm trying really hard to stop looking at Craig's List. As much. ;-) It's fun though. These old machines really make a beautiful stitch. After finishing the ironing station plans, I'm going to work on a quilt block tonight (probably just reacquainting myself with where I am and the correct pieces needed) and stay away from clothes until the weekend. I should be over the capris by then.


  1. Oh how true - the treadle machine is very pretty.

  2. The treadle looks very at home in the corner there. :) I must say I'm eyeing off your new machine on your sewing table there. It looks equally as nice, even if it doesn't have the beautiful cabinet and treadle. It still looks beautiful.

  3. OMG..your sewing room is so neat!!
    I think those treadle machines could become addictive. Enjoy!

  4. OOOooooo..looks great.
    Why don't you get yourself an inexpensive (think garage sale or better still craigslist) dresser and close your ironing board up and rest it on top of the dresser. Free drawers!

    That's what I've done and I love the storage space.

    FW and 66 look great in your room. :)

  5. That's nothing, my mom has 14 machines - oops, 13, she just sold one. She picks them up at flea markets & yard sales, often from folks who say "It was my mom's, I don't even know if it works." $5-$20, some she has to spruce up a bit or fix a little, but nothing major.
    When our cat had kittens, the only room where we could confine them was her sewing room, boy was that trouble!
    When she meets someone who wants to get into sewing but doesn't know much, and doesn't want to put out a lot of money for a brand-new machine before knowing if this is really something they will do a lot of, she will sell or even GIVE them one of her "spares". And then offers to teach them anything they want to learn about sewing. I call her the "sewing missionary", converting non-sewers to sewers one at a time :)

  6. I love giving sewing machines a new home. I wish my sewing space was as neat as yours. ain't never gonna happen!

  7. I second the idea of putting a pressing *board* on top of a chest. You will love it! My was custom made, but I would think that many things with drawers would be usable. Board instructions are in Palmer Pletsch Painless sewing books I think.

  8. Debbie, based on you awesome Singer buttonholer, I just bought one. Sadly, mine came without instructions. Can you email me the basics, so I can at least figure out how to attach it to my machine?

    And all of my sewing machines except the treadle live on one table in our study, so I can't buy any more, either *sob*!


  9. Nice room. All your own. And the pants--my solution is to throw them in the trash and take it outside. Done. Over. Out of my head! Never happened.

  10. Thank you, Debbie, for the download; you are my heroine!

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  12. Gee I'm surprised you didn't snag that free machine that was posted on Craigslist a couple days ago (S. Tampa area) ;p

    And my husband thinks my 2 sewing machines & 1 serger is too many!

  13. I'm up to 9 I think; most of which are workable. My two prized machines a 66 and a 201 need some more work. The 201 we had to rewire and it seems we didn't do it right. Thankfully my SO loves tinkering with them, so he's not shocked with the # of my collection. ;)

    Don't you just love those old Singers? They have so much more eye appeal than the modern type that are usually white plastic.

    Enjoy all your machines! It's fun to choose which one to do what type of sewing. My modern machines hate denim so I get to choose an older one for jeans and it sews them beautifully!


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