Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

I wasn't very productive in the sewing room today in terms of output, but I did make some decisions on what I'm making next and why.

However, there was a little bit of actual output as I did cut and sew a muslin for these Petite Plus jeans:

Overall, they fit very well straight out of the envelope. That's not to say no alterations are necessary, but really only some of my usual ones and not all of them. So, that's good.

I know they are a tapered leg pant. And ugh to that. Easy enough to change though. But as I contemplated the fit alterations I'd have to do and the lack of time during the week to do them, I decided to put the pattern away for a bit longer and, instead, revisit a Burda WOF pattern I made and reviewed almost 2 years ago. (How can it be TWO years ago already?) These …

… 01/2008 #132, which are very similar to the PP jeans. The main difference is the Burdas are seamed in the front as well as the back, do not have a fly front, and have different pockets. But the best thing about the Burdas is the pattern is already altered — and they still fit (thanks to the semi-elastic waist!). Making these will be pretty much cut and sew. I say "pretty much" because I'm thinking of adding a fly front zip and possibly changing the front pockets. Adding the fly will be a no-brainer. The pockets will take a little more brain power. Knowing my schedule, I'll probably just wuss out and leave them as-is.

So during the week, I'm hoping to get the Burda pattern cut out in some stretch denim so they're ready to sew next weekend. When those are done, I'd like to revisit the PP pattern because (1) they're really close out of the envelope and (2) I think there should be more PP reviews on Pattern Review since I've had such good luck with these patterns so far.

The other reason I wasn't very productive today is because from 6:30-9:30 AM, I was glued to Youtube watching Trudy and Jeremy of Hot Patterns. I've been on/off the fence with this pattern line but Trudy is one heck of a saleswoman — and fun to watch. I ended up buying 3 Hot Patterns this morning. I expect them to be here Tuesday since Trudy and Jeremy live/work only an hour south of me. OK, just kidding T&J if by chance you're reading. Wednesday will be fine. :-)

So, what got me off the fence? Actually seeing Trudy wearing some of her designs (and her wicked sense of humor!). You see, like me, Trudy is decidedly not the same body type as her pattern illustrations. She's a curvy girl and I believe her pattern size is the size she starts with and then grades up/down from there. That gives me hope that these patterns are really better for curvy women than tall stick figures. I hope I'm right. The patterns are easy sew/easy wear so hopefully they won't languish too long before I get to them, especially since the finished pieces would be perfect for my Florida lifestyle.

What did I buy? (1) The Weekender Sunshine top, which I've wanted forever, (2) The Marrakesh drawstring pants which I could see myself living in, and (3) the Kyoto skirt, which is either going to look good on me or it's going to be so very wrong. LOL! There's a lot going on with that skirt, but I'm attracted to it just the same. Fingers crossed the attraction is not like a moth to a flame.


  1. The Kyoto skirt is coming my way, too, and I'm with you - either it's cute or horrible. I'm hoping for cute. I own the Weekender Sunshine top and it's great. And the Marrakesh pants are ordered, too, and I hope I live in them. I've got some 4-ply silk that I hope will look great.

  2. I've made 3 muslins of the Weekender Sunshine top and am still not happy with the fit on my body...sigh. I can't wait to see what you do with that one, because I pretty much copy you...I mean, make some of the same alterations that you do on my tops. I want it to work out because I LOVE the design!

    I am going to have to give in and get the Marrakesh pants as well. They'd be wonderful weekend pants for me.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're hot on Hot patterns. (sorry) I'm in the process of making 1002, and even though I've hit some snags, not caused by the pattern, there's something that I really like about it. I've been tempted to buy more, even though the drawings on the envelope look nothing like me. I can't wait to read your reviews. As a "curvy" gal, I hope your speculation about her starting with a larger size is true. I'll be staying tuned for more information.

  4. Debbie,
    I just stumbled onto your coverstitch tutorials and then started hunting for your address to write to you.
    I have been endevoring to teach myself bra making for the well endowed because I know these figures are not adequately 'covered' in the RTW market. I have come to understand how hard that fitting element is and some of the challenges.
    I spent a week in Hamilton, CA with Beverly and wish I could afford the 8 week course!
    I love your blog and I hope you will consider writing to me.

  5. I'll be following your progress and appreciate all the details you discuss. I like those BWOF pants and all the Hot Patterns you picked. I am a bit leary of HP because of problems I've had. I could be persuaded to try again, tho.

  6. Funny, I just recently got the Weekender top too even though I'd been lusting after it for a long time. I also got the Marrakesh pants. I felt a bit 'iffy' about the Kyoto skirt but when I saw it in the Youtube video, it blew me much going on with that skirt...I love 'crazy' clothes. It looks much more interesting made up than the envelope suggests.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to add...I am not too sure about Trudy using her size as a basis to drafting her patterns, according to her video on the Marrakesh pants, she did have to make a major adjustment to the pants to get a good fit. This caused some doubt and wondering whether or not to purchase or just to use a TNT Burda and knock it off. But I did go ahead and purchase....just because....or maybe as you said, Trudy is a good sales person.

  8. Trudy's sloper is a HP 16, that's what she told me a couple years ago, don't know if this is still the case though.


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