Saturday, October 17, 2009

They're Here!

My Hot Patterns order arrived on Thursday and it killed me to have them sit until the weekend. But the weekend is here and I've already got the Kyoto skirt cut out and partially sewn. Let me tell you as much as I enjoy topstitching, TEN rows at each curved seam is a LOT. But it looks good so I'm going to stitch on.

I'm not sewing the back godet/flounce. I have to be realistic — I sit on my butt all day long and it would always look like a big mess. I may try it with a future version, so I'm not ruling it out. But for now, no godet.

I'm hoping I can finish it up tomorrow morning and start on a tester for the Sunshine tee. Speaking of which …

How many have seen this Butterick tee and wondered how it compares?

I know I have. So, in addition to my Hot Patterns order I also took advantage of a recent club BMV sale and bought this pattern (among others!) just to satisfy my curiosity. They are similar, but the HP has much more gathering at the front. So much more that I question how realistic those Butterick drawings actually are. When I trace the HP, I'll lay the pieces over the Butterick tissue and take some pics so you can see the comparison yourselves.

I did finish my jeans this morning and will be wearing them tomorrow since the temps have dropped from 90+ to a current 52. Brrrr. That's iceberg weather to Floridians. It's supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow and very low humidity, which is still cold enough for long pants in my world. I'm probably going to put on the "wallpaper" blouse too, which Zillie has been wearing since I finished it. I'll try to snag one of the menfolk to take some pics.

I'm not loving the jeans though. I'm not hating them, but not loving them yet. On the first brown pair I felt then that the front pockets may be too low but then I decided they were probably OK. I'm back to not liking how low they are, especially because in denim they cause a hip bump that I can do without. I have enough bumps on my own, thank you. But since I wear tops untucked, it won't be noticeable by anyone but me. Still …

I also had to take in the side- and inseams tons because I wanted more of a jeans fit/feel, not trousers. That's what took the longest for me to call these done. I kept basting the seams narrower, trying them on, not liking it and repeating. Three times I did this during the week, until I had taken in nearly two inches per seam. That means 4 inches per leg. That's a lot. And they still aren't tight. It's partially the denim I used, which has more Lycra than I prefer for jeans. Oh well, they're done. They fit. And amazingly, I finished them just as I need them for the temperature drop. That NEVER happens.


  1. Illustrations on pattern envelopes are not accurate. I wish pattern companies would photograph their garments instead. I'm still hoping for the perfect jean pattern.

  2. I am so jealous. I was so hoping I would see my patterns in the mailbox yesterday, but it's going to be Monday now. Looking forward to seeing your Kyoto skirt.

  3. I also have B5219 but I haven't sewn it yet. I'm very curious to see how it actually makes up. I'll be waiting to see what you think about the pattern.

  4. What the heck!!!!! We had 95 (at least) yesterday, and you get 70???? And I understand it was snowing during the New England game on Sunday. Wouldn't everyone agree it's a bit ridiculous to still have one's A/C on the 20th of Oct?
    The jeans look great to me.
    On the lycra bit. Lately I've been looking at my lycra fiber content and am sooooo confused. I have a pair of Levi denim shorts with 1 percent lycra that stretch way too much, then last night I wore a pair of jeans (with 1 percent lycra also), that didn't seem to have any stretch! The shorts are NOT a twill weave which I'm thinking might be the difference.


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