Sunday, October 18, 2009

Worn OUT (But Done)

Did I actually say last night that I was planning to finish this skirt this morning and then start on the Sunshine top? Hahahahaha! I crack myself up. This is an easy wear, casual skirt but there is a LOT of work to get there. Nothing was particularly hard, but since I chose to use most of the details Trudy shared in her video, there are a lot more steps than just a simple elastic A-line skirt.

As I mentioned yesterday, I omitted the godet flounce. Instead, I created a separate piece from the "hole" in the pattern, sewed that into the hole and topstitched 5 rows on each side of the joining seam. I like the visual interest at the back from the original pattern and wanted to keep some of that.

Here's the pattern piece I created. All I did was trace the hole and add a seam allowance to the new piece.

Here's the back view of the skirt.

In a perfect world, I would either be slim enough to not think twice about cargo pockets on my hips or I would leave them off. But in my Mom World, I need pockets on most everything I wear. I also like the way they look on this skirt even if they are probably not *my* best look. But I'm not entering any fashion contests and it's not like everyone who sees me doesn't already know I have a big butt. ;-) So, Function wins over Form.

The flap facing is from the contrast fabric, a linen floral print. I will probably add either Velcro or snaps to keep the flaps from flapping in the breeze. I'll see how they do after a laundering.

I shamelessly copied Trudy and bound the bottom edge using bias contrast. It's really bound and not just a facing flipped outward.

Here's the reverse. I did not turn under the raw edge on this side because (a) I was too lazy and it's a bias edge so raveling will be minimal, (b) I figured I'd have better luck catching it in the topstitching this way, and (c) less bulk.

I made exactly one fit alteration after "trying on" the tracing. I made a tilted waist adjustment to the front yoke pattern as shown below. This was the easiest way to lower the front waist without affecting adjoining seams. It made the fold edge not quite straight but I ignored that little bend and just laid it on the fold and cut.

I am actually going to wear this skirt with a tucked-in tee so I think a belt is in order. I'm going to cut a long strip from the denim and topstitch the heck out of it to match the topstitching on the skirt, but I'm out of topstitching juice today so I'll do that later in the week. For this pic, I just ran a strip of the denim through a spare buckle I have laying around.

I'm happy with this skirt and after all the work I put into it, I had better wear it a lot. ;-) (Which I will do once the tights I ordered arrive and I decide what shoes I need. Suggestions?). Except for the pattern, it was nearly free. Both the denim and the linen have been in my stash at least 4 years, probably longer. Well, not exactly free because I think I used about 3 miles of topstitching thread.

* * * * *

I will make this skirt again. I really liked the "safari" version Trudy showed and I think overall it's a nice pattern. The sizing was good for me and the pieces all fit together properly. However, I think I'd change the "Advanced Beginner" rating to "Advanced Beginner With a Good Techniques Book" as there are a number of steps that a beginning sewer would probably struggle with sans specific directions. Specifically, the cargo pockets, invisible zipper insertion with a waist facing, the bias hem facing, and piping. Illustrated instructions are included with the pattern, but they are more general than detailed. I hope to write up a proper review for Pattern Review soon.


  1. Lordy, that was a lot of work. I think it turned out great and can't wait to see a picture of it on you. Hmm, shoes with tights. Do you wear Danskos? Those look cute with tights.

  2. That is a great skirt! It's worth the time. I love the details.

  3. Really nice, looks like a great outfit.

  4. Black ballerina flats will make your feet look tiny. The details on this skirt are really great.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for skirts to wear at home, to the market, etc. that are fun to make and easy to wear........Janice

  6. Your skirt is fabulous! The picture on the pattern envelope doesn't do this skirt justice. After I watched Trudy's video on this skirt, I realised how fabulous it was, and had to have it.
    Your efforts paid off hansomely!

  7. Cute skirt! Love the topstitching and the bias on the bottom.

  8. Good grief, that's a lot of topstitching! Nice finished skirt though!


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