Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calling All Plus Size Bloggers!

A new thread on PatternReview.com was started yesterday, with a request for links to plus size bloggers. It's a great idea but I thought I would pick up and carry that ball a little further since that thread will eventually get buried on PR.

So, if you blog about sewing for plus sizes, blog about styles for plus-sizes, or just know of a good blog that fits either category, please leave a comment on this post with a link to the blog. (Even if you're already linked in my sidebar, please leave a separate comment so it's easier for me to make up this new list.)

I'll create a new sidebar item on my blog (near the top!) with the names of and links to these blogs and will keep it updated as I find more blogs to add.

Thanks everyone! I hope we can build a great list!

* * * * *

Unrelated, but in need of mention - I'm currently re-arranging my website (not my blog) where my tutorials and coverstitch stuff lives. This means that info is temporarily down. Sorry. They'll be back soon. I think I may be putting it all onto a new blog instead of my own website, but I'm still thinking on that and there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it done as quickly as I want.

Also unrelated - the TNT capris are nearly done. What's left is some topstitching, a closure, and hems. (Maybe tonight?) We had whopper t-storms start up Sunday night so I needed to turn off equipment and didn't get to finish. We ended up losing power for a couple of hours, but thankfully it was bedtime and we hardly noticed. Yay for wind-up alarm clocks! We also lost a big tree, which is now horizontal in the side yard, and lots of big branches are strewn all over the rest of the property. The guys are looking forward to some chainsaw action this weekend. ;-)


  1. New Vintage Lady does fabulous blogging about vintage sewing for plus sizes http://newvintagelady.blogspot.com/ ...

  2. I am a plus-size sewer. That sounds wonderful to me, the more blogs I can read that I can relate to, the better!!


  3. I'm a plus size sewer/blogger and need all the help I can get regarding fit so this is a great idea! Thanks for doing this.

    My blog is:

  4. Sorry about your storm damage, but at least it didn't fall on the house!

  5. I'm plus size and sew for myself but I also so for my children, daughter in laws and grandkids. I'm trying to make myself some TNT patterns, really enjoy your info. Thanks. Love the plus size sewing blog list idea.

  6. I guess I would be considered plus-size - I currently sew a size 16-18 for myself as I recently gained 30 lbs (hysterectomy).

    I also sew for my children and husband.

    My website is www.thesingleneedle.blogspot.com

  7. Me too! I talk about other stuff too but still...

  8. Here is another plus size blogger!

  9. Great idea Debbie! How about http://fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo.wordpress.com


    and I'm plus size, just not getting a lot of chance to sew lately.

  10. Add me to the list Deb.


  11. You know you can link me! :D


  12. I'm not very good about adding pics, but I'm located here... :)


    Rose in SV

  13. I fit the plus sizes blogger/sewer list. I'm really new at it.
    I also blog about my sewing for my daughters my oldest would be on the tail end of missy sizing. I think this list is a great idea.

  14. I love it!


  15. Hi! My blog is called Fleurtle and the url is http://www.fleurtle.com/blog

  16. Thanks so much Debbie. Here is my,




    P.S.I look forward to reading all the others listed too.

  17. Great idea Debbie. I don't get much time to sew now as I home school full time, but I love reading about the sewing of plus size bloggers as it inspires me.
    I am plus size and love to sew so come check out my day to day ramblings at http://waikikimum.blogspot.com/

    Thanks Kathy

  18. Count me too. I'm at www.sewingforlife.wordpress.com

    great idea!

  19. I´m a plus sizer who blogs too, sew, knit and other stuff

  20. Debbie you can start a group on Facebook too. The group dunction allows discussions just like a message board. No need for PR at all!

  21. What is it with guys and their power tools? Mine don't even need a thunderstorm for an excuse to play with the chain saw!

  22. Wow! I never realized there were that many plus size bloggers! Please feel free to add mine...and can I recommend one:


    As for Facebook, I am probably one of the few on the planet that don't face book so if you move it...I would definitely miss the conversation!

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm starting another pair of pants and I didn't print off your fly front instructions!!!!!

  24. Well, I definitely qualify for a plus-size.

    I'm not on Facebook either, so I wouldn't get to participate in any discussions either.


    This is a great idea but you know what? I already follow over 200 blogs and it looks like I'm about to add several more! :)

  25. Debbie - I no longer am sewing plus sized stuff... but until recently I did sew lots that were plus sized.


  26. Please add my blog, Debbie. Sewingsaga.blogspot.com. When you get it finished, would you mind if I add the list to my blog as well?

  27. I don't blog as often as I would like, but I think my hips put me into the plus size category.


    I guess if I start to share my blog I should post more often -- I'll try

  28. Hi there, I'm a plus size gal, and just getting back to my blogging. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time and learned a lot from you. I've just opened a Sewing store and one of my "clubs" is Fashion and fitting, it will focus on garment fitting lessons, pattern adjustments. A lot of people are settling for rtw clothes that don't fit, my hope is to educate about how you can look better than your clothes.

  29. http://sewhavefun.blogspot.com/

  30. Debbie, I am not as frequent at blogging as I would like to be but I am a plus size and I do post about what I sew. Actually, I'm a plus-petite, if that is not considered an oxymoron.

  31. Wow! This is a good idea. I've already started checking out some of these blogs.
    I'm a plus-size sewer.Please add me to the list.


  32. Hi Debbie! Add me in on your list too.

  33. I'm so excited to read all these new, plus size, blogs! Thanks for doing this!
    Though I am plus size I so rarely get to sew for myself (though I did just make a pair of pants, whoohoo!) that I don't know that my blog is worth much, but you can link it if you like.

  34. This will be a great list!
    I sew for myself (plus-size), for my children and for friends. At the moment my blog is only in dutch, but if I get enough people to follow it I will also put english translations online.
    Just let me know in the commentsection of one of the messages on my blog.


  35. How about almost plus size? Size 14 count? I haven't ventured out into the sewing for myself yet, but you'd think I'd have, by the number of patterns I've amassed. Sewing for my 4 year old off and on.

    Yeah, facebook does have that discussion feature, but I sure hate getting onto facebook, as Betty White says, "A waste of time" (a waste of my time, I could be sewing???).


    Love the Butterick B5488 for graduation dress.


  36. This is a wonderful idea. I'm still learning and love reading about others who have the same issues as myself. Hopefully, we all will learn something from each other.


  37. I am a Plus size sewing Blogger in the middle of revamp my site www.porfiriagomez.com


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