Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I bought two new Hot Patterns patterns last week and … wait for it … a vintage (retro?) Viking sewing machine on Ebay.

Are either of my purchases here yet? No!

Am I impatient? Yes!

Now to be fair, neither purchase is late. In fact, per the shipping confirmation from Hot Patterns, I expect the patterns to be in my mailbox this afternoon. (Hey Trudy and Jeremy - you know you could always hand-deliver my next order and we could do another lunch. Just sayin'.)

The machine is going to take longer as it was only shipped a couple of days ago.

So what machine did I buy? A Viking 6010, and for the reasonable sum of $46. In the photos, it looked to be in really good cosmetic condition. The seller says it works, but we'll see. This Viking is one of the last (if not THE last) models to *not* be permanently lubricated. In other words, it needs oiling by its owner. In other, other words, there's a really good chance it's not going to be frozen up like later vintage Viking models. Fingers crossed.

And why did I buy it? Well, sentimental nostalgia. My mom bought a Viking 6430 new when I was a little girl (we're talking early 1970s here). That 6430 is what I learned to sew on. Even though I never really sewed much before my late-30s (my mom sewed, so I didn't have to-LOL), I still learned how and could if desperate! My, how my thinking has changed - now I'm desperate if I *don't* sew. Mom still has that 6430 as her only sewing machine and uses it often. The thing is a tank!

So that tank is what made me a Viking girl when the sewing bug did finally hit me. (Mom is still in shock, BTW, that I sew for myself.) I was so much a Viking girl that when I finally went "good" machine shopping it felt almost genetic.

One of the many great things about mom's 6430 is the low gear option which can be engaged when sewing over really heavy sturdy stuff. Like my dad's leather belt, that dad himself had to try when he finally gave the approval to spend so much money on a (gasp!) sewing machine. BTW, that was in the days when machine dealers still brought the machines to your house to try out. Can you imagine? But mom knew what she liked and stood firm. Besides, dad always had much more expensive hobbies so he didn't really have much of a chance anyway. LOL!

I don't want to jump the gun too much before I know whether it works as expected, but I'm hopeful that it will be an improved back-up over the Kenmore since it should take all my Viking presser feet, and maybe it could be a topstitching station for when I make jeans and other heavier items. Or, it will just be a decoration. LOL! I'm already thinking I need a sturdy shelf on the wall to house and display my growing collection.

Hey — maybe when it gets here I can do a Peter, but with stills not video. I'm just not ready to see myself in video on the internet yet. I'll leave that to my sons, who have YouTube on speed dial.


  1. Debbie,
    Congratulations! Would you, could you, possibly post the link to your new Viking? I'm not having any luck finding pictures, but would love to take a peek. I well understand the love a good vintage machine ; )

  2. Melanie, I'll post pics when I actually have the machine in hand.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new (old) machine. this one of the models with the cams? I vaguely remember thinking how cool those would be to have (I'm several years older and was a teen in the 70s and married in 75! Gah!) Laura Bennett of Project Runway fame sewed on one of those until recently.

  4. I am interested in seeing it too. Hope it works.

  5. Debbie, I have been a lurker of your blog for months! Like you, I just bought an old sewing machine from eBay. Mine is a Singer 403A. It works great, but it didn't come with attachments or a case. And, it is missing the bottom drip pan cover. But, hey, it was inexpensive, not dirty and most important - it didn't stink! Knowing that it works well, I will now buy some accesories (and an oil drip pan cover, if I can find one!). Please post photos - before and after.

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to see you on video - you are like a sewing ROCKSTAR in my eyes!

    Love your Simplicity top that you recently made. I used that pattern and made a dress that actually turned out well.

  7. It's always fun to add a new machine to the herd, isn't it? I've been wanting to start online classes but it's the whole idea of seeing myself on video (will my hose look big? will I flare my nostrils? will I misspeak or have a complete brain fart?) that freaks me out!

    So, are you going to tell us which HPs you bought?

  8. I bought a backup machine a couple of years ago when both of mine were in the shop for tune-ups. I got it for $32 including shipping on ebay. Hope you got just what you wanted!

    I like seeing your treadle machine in your pictures. I got a White treadle machine just like hubby's grammy's, and it's a great conversation piece!

  9. I will NOT go ebay sewing machine surfing. I won't. Even though I'm green with envy!

  10. Debbie, how old is this do you think? I took sewing lessons years ago on a Viking, the last mechanical tol. Do you know what number that one would be? It had cams for decorative stitches. When I bought a Viking after loving it in class, I bought the 960, which was the first electronic I think and does not need to be oiled. That was in 1983.

  11. How exciting! I looove my 6030 (which my parents picked up for NZ$5 at an auction.) The slow gear is incredibly handy at times. I also have another backup model which I think is a 6010. I picked it up in an estate sale as a back-up in case anything (gasp) happens to mine. This despite the fact I already have a Singer as a back-up. Plus DD has a Bernina. Ahem.

  12. Nancy K - My mom bought her 6430 in 1971. Between the 6010 and the 6430, I know there was a 6020 and maybe one more. So my guess is mid- to late-1960s. There's no date in the manual.


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