Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Rolls Around Again

No pictures today but I should have some tomorrow.

This weekend I worked on the HP Weekender Summer in the City shirt. I'm almost done, but I've lost some of my motivation. It's my fault for not really looking closely at the pattern illustration, but this shirt is very 1980s and has extremely dropped shoulders. Not really a look I planned to revisit with my 2010 body, so we'll see.

Remember how I just recently said that sometimes Kimono sleeves work on me and sometimes they don't? This shirt appears to be falling into the "Debbie Don't" category. It has gathers at the shoulder yoke instead of sewn darts and while usually I love me some shoulder gathers, for this top those gathers mean there's a lot of fabric across my bust and into my armpit, which makes for a wider visual. I haven't made up my mind completely because the shirt isn't done yet, so the jury is still out.

But even if it's not going to be a style favorite, I know I will still wear it during the summer because it's loose and flowy and will be quite comfortable during our oppressive summer heat which is now kicking into gear. When it's 95 degrees with 300% humidity, you do tend to sacrifice flattery for comfort. ;-) But It will definitely work as an overshirt for our Artic air-conditioned restaurants where a sweater would be overkill. Well, that is if I would *ever* make the plain white tees that I've been wanting to make forEVER.

I've been sewing this shirt entirely on my "new" Viking 6010 to get to know her and do a real test. Well "entirely" except for overlocking seam allowances with my serger. I squeezed the 6010 onto my sewing table next to the three permanent residents (my serger, my D1, and my CS). It's a little crowded but I pushed the serger to the back when not in use and I have more than enough room. Remember, I used to sew in a closet. :-)

I'm so pleased to report the 6010 is a champ! And while I still wish it didn't happen, I'm pretty much over the surface blemishes from the shipping mishap. I've even edgestitched (evenly!) with it and a couple of my D1 feet. While I hardly ever used the left-edge topstitching foot on the D1, I've found it's perfect for edgestitching with the 6010, giving just the right amount of space between seam and stitch. I love, love that I can use my snap-on Viking feet with this machine.

The motor hums along, so quiet. Much quieter than my D1, which I already thought was pretty quiet. I really can't believe I got this machine for $46. I bet the Ebay seller can't believe it either. LOL! I've bought some more bobbins which should be here this week and I'm going to keep my eyes open for some original feet, but that's not a desperate need like the bobbins since my D1 feet are working great. But I know they're out there so I'll find them at some point.

Yes, AngieA., you *need* one. Bwahahahaha!


  1. I just caught up with your damage saga. It looks like you got lucky. When I bought my treadle machine last summer, one of the legs got snapped in transit, but I was able to find someone very near here who could braze the cast iron. A coat of paint, and it looks great. So I sympathize with your damage woes.

    And I hate it when you think something will be a good fit, and it turns out not quite so much. I hope this top works out for you!

  2. Deb

    Go ahead and buy plain simple T's in varying sleeve lengths. Save your sewing time for the difficult to fit, challenging or outstanding.

    This is the voice of experience speaking. I've even bought the out-of-season T and put it way for 6 months. Having those plain pieces is very important in your wardrobe, but very boring and hard to get to.

  3. Someone is asking $299 or best offer for one on Ebay. No takers yet though. Glad it's working for you. I thought about getting this shirt and the tuxedo shirt, but both look like they have dropped shoulders which, with my large bust and narrow sloping shoulders is a Nancy don't. Without the sloping shoulders maybe it will work better for you.

  4. Glad the new machine is purring along. You may have gotten over the damage, but I haven't ;-)

  5. Hmmm...I'm getting ready to trace the HP Weekender Summer in the City shirt. I agree that it would be a great top for our Florida summers. Thanks for the warning about the dropped shoulders. I will look at it carefully before cutting the fabric. I do look forward to seeing your finished project!Congratulations on your success with the Vikig 6010. I think you stole it!

  6. Nothing better than spending some quality sewing time, bonding with your machine. The beginning of a long friendship.


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