Friday, April 16, 2010

Remember These Guys?

It's been a while since any of my pups have made a scheduled appearance on my blog (vs. a nose or some toes peeking out in some sewing photos).

This is what Chili and Dani worked on yesterday. In my front yard! Chili is mainly responsible, but Dani does lend a hand paw or two. The background music was written and sung by my stepson.

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  1. Chili and Dani made a great looking hole! And they look so proud of their work.

  2. That was hilarious - those couldn't have been more proud of themselves! Adorable!

  3. What hardworking pups! I enjoyed the music. Is your stepson a professional musician?

  4. That is so sweet that they "shared" the task. Don't step in it in the dark!

  5. LOL! I guess it didn't bother any of those people in the background. Great Videography! And I agree, that your stepson sounds like a pro!

  6. That is hilarious Debbie!
    They sure are proud of themselves.
    Great music and video too!


  7. I have watched this three times and it cracks me up every time. And I've sent it to a bunch of friends. My mom loved it.

  8. Oh my - they sure did have fun didn't they!! Two of my dogs love digging holes, and once a week my husband and I go filling them back up, just for them to start all over again but in different spots of course. Great video!!

  9. Great video. The pups look quite pleased with themselves and the hole.


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