Monday, June 28, 2010

Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Some of you may have noticed the graphic below in my sidebar:

It's a badge for and link to a relatively easy Challenge/Quilt-A-Long on the Loft Creations blog that I joined in January, thinking I'd have plenty of time to finish *something* before it ended on June 30. Hah! I should have known better.

Well, at least I started, right? I may even finish the piecing before the deadline, but I don't think it's looking very good for me to finish the machine quilting by then. (But maybe if Stephanie at Loft Creations is reading, she'll consider my procrastinator's plea to extend for one more weekend so I can have the holiday weekend to finish it. I wonder if she accepts bribes?)

It's going to be a table runner for my mom, using scraps from various projects I've done for her in the past, plus a few other prints I've had kicking around. I plan to make 4 more blocks, trim all from 7" to 6", find a border/backing print locally, and also buy enough to back more 2-sided napkins I'll cut fronts from using some of the prints in the blocks. Mom keeps raving about the runner and napkins I made/sent her in December which is her way of asking me to make more.

I'm not sure how much I like it so far because these aren't color/print combinations I'd normally choose for something in my house, but I think mom will like it. And I think I'll like it better once a border print is included and I re-arrange the blocks. Right now, it's a little messy — which is the point of string piecing, I suppose. But more than messy, it's looking *too* symmetrical in some places for my eyes so I need to shuffle the blocks.

The piecing itself goes quickly (click on the link above for instructions), and it gave me a chance to dust off the Featherweight, which I just love for piecing (big quilt piecer that I am LOL!). And it is a great way to use up those scraps I've been accumulating. Plus I'll earn "daughter points" when mom receives it totally unexpected. Always good to have those in reserve.


  1. Well, since you're making them for Mom, the colors only have to please her, right? Hope your bribe for an extension works!

  2. You're so funny! Yep, it's always good to have mom points in reserve. Good luck!

  3. I think this will be a pretty string project. Love the colors. Mom taught me to never accept bribes. :o) So happy you're motivated to finish.


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