Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Quick" Pillows

I say "quick" instead of quick (no quotes) because these pillows *should* have been quick but I procrastinated so long that they took months and months to get a round tuit. ;-)

I bought the first of these stripey quilts a while ago. Then we got Dani and she liked to nibble little holes into the edges, and even in the middle. Bad dog! I patched them and decided to wait out the puppy phase beforel changing to a non-holey quilt. Then I found the same quilt again on sale (JC Penny) and bought two more. Yes, two. I'm planning for the worst.

That left me two good quilts and one holey mess. I also still had the big throw pillows from our last bedding set. So, I put the two together — making new envelope shams (for ease in removing for washing) from the old quilt and stuffing them with the old pillow forms. And, voila! Pillows for Dani to nibble on. NOT! Although I think I do see a certain gleam in her eye, don't you?

Maybe one of these days we'll paint this room, hang curtains and put in a floor. Sigh. Kind of depressing to look back at the old house and see how *finished* my last bedroom was vs. what an ungodly disaster the current one is. But then priorities and available time have changed a lot since then too. No one ever died or anything sleeping in an ugly bedroom, right? ;-)

In the meantime, I have a dog bed duvet to stitch up from the rest of this quilt, which I'll go do right now since everything is cut, ready, and waiting and then I can really scratch this quilt remake project off my list.

The "boys" are manning the grill for Father's Day dinner so I'm completely off kitchen duty tonight, which means more sewing room time. Isn't Father's Day great? LOL!


  1. I *DO* see a gleam in her eye! Perhaps waiting for you to leave the room--or at least put down the camera.

  2. Your pup looks pretty comfortable on that bed. I do believe he does have a twinkle in his eye.

  3. You know Dani's waiting until you're not looking to get to the new quilt, right? But she can't do the damage a mastiff can, so be thankful for that. Our first mastiff went everywhere with us, so when we left him home alone for THREE WHOLE HOURS one 100 degree July day, he at an entire sofa pillow to punish us. Yes, he pooped orange for several days. Be thankful Dani doesn't weigh 250 pounds.

  4. But she's so darned cute! Who could be annoyed with her? It's neat that you were able to get more of the same quilt and use the "discards" so productively.


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