Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Movin' On

The Marine is checking into his PDS (Permanent Duty Station) today and will now be an official Fleet Marine. His "travel" isn't very far, as he's staying on the same base where he just finished his classes. In about two months, he'll be traveling a lot farther as he'll be deploying to that nasty place in the desert. But like a good Marine, he's really looking forward to it and happy, so while it's not my first choice as his mother, I'm happy that he's happy.

This past weekend, he went on a bus trip with the Single Marine Program to Washington, D.C., with a stop at the Marine Base at Quantico, Virginia, to visit the Marine Corps Museum (below).

Then onto D.C. We moved to Florida from the D.C. area and D.C. is where Tyler was born. It's weird to see pics of him there without any of the rest of us.

Here he is in his Alphas this morning, getting ready to check into his unit. Such a goof ball.

Alterations on the Vogue pattern are coming along. I've done the first round on the bodice and will probably just add to the seam allowances for the skirt. Maybe I'll be able to cut a muslin before I head to the dentist this afternoon. I'm sure I'll need more adjustments after I try on the muslin. That's just par for the course with me.

There was a comment last post about my going bare-armed. Hah! If the dress eventually turns out like I'm envisioning, I plan to wear it under a jacket which I wouldn't be taking off, hence the sleeveless choice for the dress.


  1. If I wasn't married already - I'd had you fix me up on a blind-date with your son or one of his marines friends... There's just something about a guy in a uniform... and NO - the postman doesn't count in that category LOL.
    Nice hearing fom you though..... I can't wait to see the end result of those Vogue alterations.
    Oh you should trace off his pointy-hat thingy and make a retro-remake pattern of those hats (make any sense??)

  2. How handsome! There is just something about a MARINE in uniform!
    On a serious note, may God bless him and keep him safe!

  3. agreed on the uniform (UPS doesn't count, either :)

    Wow, he is moving at warp speed. God bless him and keep him safe!

  4. He does look like a very happy Marine and very fit too!! Good looking son you have there.

  5. The Marine is looking super-fit and, if I may say so, very handsome!

  6. I've got to tell you something wonderful. Maybe you already know. Because of today's communications, we never lose our kids. They are just "vacationing" without us.

  7. in hope that i'm not offending u if u dont believe.... i will keep him and you in my prayers. thank you and thank him for me for all of your sacrifice so that we here at home and abroad can be safe. God bless bless him and keep him safe.

  8. gemini - thank you! I'm never offended by someone's good wishes and/or prayers.


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