Thursday, May 19, 2011

See & Sew 5593 Round 2

So, I'm actually kind of enjoying this unemployment stuff. Well, except for the no income part. lol But I've had some time to do things for just me and that part has been great. In another life, I would be a billionaire heiress who never has to work for the money. Ahhhh, it's good to daydream, and would somebody please pass me that winning lottery ticket!

Out of dreamland … I've cut out the crossover version of this See & Sew dress and hope to get it mostly or completely sewn before I hit the hay tonight. I'm using the second knit I bought at Joann's last week because I'm thinking it will go well with a RTW jacket I already have. When I get the dress done, I will probably be soliciting opinions on the pairing because I'm still not quite sure.

Speaking of jackets, I have two interviews scheduled for next week, with the possibility of a third. So far, so good. In my previous life mumblemumbletwentysomething years ago, I was a legal secretary at some of the big law firms in Washington, D.C. That's the field I'm hoping to return to now and those big D.C. names on the resume, no matter how old, should help. As will a recent reference letter from one of the partners I used to work for.

I'm one of those weird people who actually like lawyers and at one point before I got married, I thought I would be one … but life turned out differently. Understanding legalese has always come naturally for me and my office skills are still top-notch so I'm hoping I can slip back in without too much searching. Plus, the pay and benefits at law firms is always better than at other places. I also started looking into getting my paralegal certificate and I think that will be something I'll do in the near future. Phyllis - feel free to weigh in on this. ;-)

I lied when I said my dental visits were over for now. Or, actually, they lied to me. Well, not really — they are just being thorough, which is welcome. This is a new-to-me dental practice and they have been awesome. Very kind and caring. And his London accent and good looks don't hurt either. ;-) I have another follow-up next week, and then that should be it for a little while. I still have more stuff I need done, but for now I have a pretty smile again and a workable care/money plan.

Things seem to be moving along, and I feel pretty good. Always a good thing, right?

Thank you again for all of the love and support. It helps more than you'll know!


  1. I am temporarily unemployed right now, although by choice, and I am also loving the break... I've had lunch with friends, got some sewing done, will spend time with family next week, caught up on dr's appts.... Will probably be doing some interim CFO work soon, and may just make that my career, being a CPA with lots of nonprofit experience is a very good thing in DC..... Good luck on the job hunting!!!

  2. School is out in 3 weeks, and then I'll be unemployed for the summer- I can't wait! I'm so glad you're enjoying quality time in your sewing room- you deserve it. Good luck on the interviews.

  3. Good luck with the interviews Debbie! I'm being nosey - but are you going for a full-time position - or something that still gives you spare time to pursue outside interests (aka sewing LOL)? Given the choice (and salary permitting) I'd love to work 2-3 days per week *sighs*.

  4. Marie-Christine5:12 PM, May 19, 2011

    Moving along is a good feeling :-). And no further dental work is always a good thing too, although kind of similar to stopping to bang your head on the wall.
    The paralegal plan sounds really good to me. Legal office work is better paid, and if you enjoy the work by all means you should go for it. For that matter, why don't you ask the old partner who's still happy to recommend you if he might have an opening? After all you're free now..

  5. I love that summery pattern! I'm going to sew tonight too. Crossing my fingers anyway! :) I'm glad your spirits seem to be lifting. I'm sending you love from OK! (Also...completely jealous of your yummy English dentist. Do tell more. ;)

  6. Good luck with your job hunt!

  7. Good luck with the interviews. I doubt you really want to be like Paris Hilton. :)

  8. I'm glad you're sewing and enjoying it. When I was getting divorced I stopped sewing for about a year. All I did was work and sleep.

    You've got me interested in this pattern now so I can't wait to see how this next version turns out. Good luck with the job hunting!

  9. Can't wait to see the dress - and it is so good to hear hope in your "voice" again.

  10. The best defence against unemployment is a good education and skill set. Do go for your paralegal certificate - it will given you an edge.

  11. Self-employed, some folks think we're well off, and working from home. Everyone thinks I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. In reality, it means that we've never had more than 4 days off, including weekends. So I'd like to know what lots of leisure time looks like, too. Glad the new dentist is working out so well; I have to go for more work this summer, and I'm dreading it.

  12. Good luck with the job interviews and with your dental treatment - it makes such a difference to be in the hands of a dentist you trust - and with a London accent, he has to be good ;-)

  13. Haha!! I've been reading that as Stretch & Sew and wondered when that pattern came out! I finally read what it said and realized that I, too, could easily acquire the cute dress pattern.

    Looking forward to the latest iteration, which you've probably already finished and blogged about...which means I'll see it shortly.

    Best of luck with the job search.

  14. Hi, I think I'm posting here for the first time, even though I've been a reader for awhile. I'm a legal secretary in a major city, but the "mothership" of the firm is in DC. (The initials of the firm are C & B.) I was laid off from the first firm I worked at, and I consider myself very lucky that I was able to get back on the horse and find this job within two months. If your employment agency has Microsoft training exercise programs, for Word, Excel and Powerpoint, I'd definitely recommend taking them. I was tested as part of my application to the law firm, and the test was exactly the same as my training exercises. Good luck with your interviews!


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