Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Did I finish my jacket and start my skirt yesterday? Uh, no. I went shopping.

First stop, Joann's for their Memorial Day notions and Simplicity pattern sales.

From the notions wall (which isn't even really a wall anymore since they rearranged the store a while ago):

Stretch needles and 110/18 topstitching needles (Singer because they were out of Schmetz) and Hollywood tape. I can't say enough good things about the Hollywood tape. I use it on my left bra strap every time I wear a Hot Patterns Sunshine Top because my neck is off-center or my shoulders are uneven or *something* and any top with a wider-cut neckline eventually slips and shows my left bra strap. Just the left one. Weird, I know. Do NOT pay full-price ($10.99) because you can either stock up during a notions sale or use a coupon. I also use it on crossover necklines for insurance. So much easier than a safety pin and it won't wear a hole in your fabric. Cute little metal tin too.

I also bought 2 yds of the fabric you see under my Joann purchases at $7.98 per yard (sale price). It's a very nice rayon/Lycra knit. At Joann's! Who knew.

From the Simplicity pattern drawers, which were quite picked over by the time I got there:

These are the first Simplicity patterns I've bought in probably a year. I tend to buy most of my patterns online now because I know they're in stock in my size and I get to avoid dealing with the crazies who ravage the pattern drawers during sales. Yes woman in the blue dress, you know who you are!

Many of the patterns I really wanted were out of stock and I noticed during a visit to Simplicity's website that a lot of OOP patterns are patterns I would've bought IF had good sales like BMV. Simplicity, are you listening?? (Your 30% sale this weekend is a start, but 30% off isn't enough of a draw for me.)

Next stop, Walmart for some drugstore items and a cheap necklace to wear with the new jacket.

Last stop,

The three prints are rayon/Lycra, and the white solid is a poly ITY. I really need a solid white top to wear with skirts and jackets so while boring, it will probably be the first make from this group. And why am I buying MORE fabric when I have an entire fabric closet to soon pack up and move? I plead temporary insanity.

Also, I found this coupon from, and it worked for me:  Coupon Code for $10 Off orders of $50 or more June 8, 2011: TRY112

I would have had time in the sewing room after shopping and dinner, but the Marine has decided he wants to shop for a new car. Yes, this is after Alex and I took his Jeep up to him not two weeks ago. So this new plan meant a lot of telephone time trying to teach him the loan process and how to deal with car salesmen (er, salesPEOPLE). I'm pretty sure I have him convinced to only look around today and to NOT sign anything no matter how irresistible the salesperson makes the "deal" seem. If he does buy a new car, he'll still keep his Jeep with him on base. He just wants something newer and spiffier and since he now has all this money to burn because he has absolutely NO EXPENSES after savings, cell, and car insurance, well — I was 22 once too. I understand. He's looking at Ford Fiestas, Mazda 2s, Kia Souls and Rios, and probably a little of everything else.

Now off to the sewing room to try to make some progress before the Marine calls with his first can't-resist-deal. ;-)


  1. I love that top print! I was at JoAnns yesterday too. I didn't have enough time to look at patterns, but I grabbed a lot of needles, elastic and thread. My daughter uses that Hollywood tape, but I've never tried it. ;)

    Hope you have a productive day!

  2. We had that print at our Joann's too. While I drooled over it, these are not my best colors. Actually, they are pretty bad on me. They will look great on you, however. Your other prints are fabulous. Now, those I could use!!!

  3. I went to Joann's Friday and the Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5. it was all I could do to find five patterns I liked(and none of them were clothing patterns for me).

  4. Ohh, that green swirly fabric is amazing! Must stay away from that website.... :]

  5. I hate the picked over sales drawers at Joann's. I used to go to Wal-mart to do price matching when Joann's had a sale. Most Wal-marts don't have sewing supplies anymore though.

    Tell your ds to look at Ford Fusions. They are very nice and have a great reputation.

  6. Love that green fabric. I skipped the pattern sale because they never have what I want. Honest to gosh I've been buying all my Simplicity patterns on etsy or ebay these days. They're usually a dollar more or so than the "sales" (at $2.99 or 3.99) but loads cheaper than Oh, and I can't even get the goofy Simplicity site to load for me anyway. It hasn't worked for me in weeks. No other site gives me fits, just that one, and I cannot figure it out. (Neither can they. They basically said oh it's your fault. You're not doing it right. Um, OK.)

  7. Every once in a while you can find a decent piece of fabric at JoAnn's. but you cant beat the 50% notions wall (or "aisle" as the case may be).

  8. Hi Debbie - unrelated comment here, but I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you have put into your FBA explanations, both here on your blog and on PR. Your explanations and pics are very helpful. I am a (UK) 36 GG bra size (as in OMGG), which is like an "I" in US sizes, and have always shied away from making tops or dresses for myself. I end up buying plus size tops in rtw and bringing the items to the tailor. I resolved to sew some tops for myself for summer, and feel more confident after reading every bit of FBA info you've posted. So, thanks!!

  9. Thanks Andrea, and you're welcome!!

  10. I too love the colors in that print. And I want to extend my thanks for the coupon code. I had been saving some items in my shopping cart but the coupon put me over the edge....isn't that always the case:-)

  11. Hi - if you're looking to buy Simplicity patterns online, check out They frequently have sales on Simplicity for $2.99 a pop, and the shipping is quite reasonable as well. I also buy most patterns online, and have bought quite a few from them.

    And I love that fabric you bought at JoAnns. The colors are awesome.


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