Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These Dreaded Things

So, I'm getting dressed for an "interview" this morning and it's time to dig out the pantyhose from my dresser. No problem, I still have a few brand-new pairs from 3 years ago when I was last job-hunting. I get out one pair, scrunch them up and stick in one foot. Scrunch again and in goes the other foot. So far, so good. Until I had them 3/4 up and promptly stuck my thumbnail through the left thigh. Yeah, straight into the trash for those. Apparently, I'm out of practice with these dreaded things, but luckily pair #2 went on without a hitch. (I'm a fast learner!)

It's well into the 90s here, even in the morning hours. I thought the hose would be torture, but they actually weren't too bad. Granted, I only walked outside from the house to the car and then from the car through a parking lot and I didn't have any potty breaks until I got back home and took them off for the day. ;-)

Since I stole the image above, it's only right that I link back to its rightful owner's page — 10 Ways to Recycle Pantyhose.

(The "interview" was fine. It wasn't a real interview, just an agency. But they have set me up with interviews at two real firms with more to come, so it was a productive morning.)

Miscellaneous tidbit #1: Best diet? Get your teeth worked on so it's too painful to eat anything firmer than eggs, bananas, oranges and yogurt and you too can lose 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. Yep, that's me. I hope they keep hurting for about 90 more lbs. ;-) I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in 3 years. Woo! But a happy life outlook also helps because I'm finding that I'm not medicating with food these days either. I eat when I'm hungry and that's it, and even then it's slow going and I end up giving up before cleaning my plate. I made chocolate chip cookies for the Marine last night and boxed them all up for shipping without sampling a one. If this keeps up, I may even surprise myself with some exercise.

Miscellaneous tidbit #2: I was asked if the dogs are going with me. Yes! Although, unfortunately, Pepper may not be going with anyone, as she's not been doing too well lately. Old age is quickly overtaking her.

Miscellaneous tidbit #3: I was also asked if I'm staying in Florida. Yes. I'm staying in the same exact area, actually, for Alex. I will not move him away from his base of friends and everything he's ever known. That limits the apartment search, but there are still plenty to choose from. I'll be getting at least a 2-bedroom apartment — one BR for me and one for Alex, but if I can swing 3 BR, that will be my first choice. Otherwise, a DR or LR will be sacrificed to the Sewing Gods. If Peter can sew and hoard machines in a NYC apartment, I'm sure I'll be fine. As for leaving Florida one day — my recent trip to NC and Virginia confirmed that after 21 years, I am a Florida girl. I was only gone for 4 days, but I still missed the perpetual sunshine and bright blue skies. I don't think I could ever go back to where the skies are gray as often as not. And I haven't even touched on winter temps, say anything below 65 … Brrrr.

Now I'm off to work on that Butterick jacket, which is cut out and waiting for me. Maybe I'll have some progress pics tomorrow.


  1. Ugh, I hate pantyhose!! Not so much in winter, but in summer I despise them! I spent last summer wearing jeans under my dresses because of thigh rub though :( I came across Luvees recommended by blogger, and they work wonderfully! So this summer (when it eventually gets here!) its summer dresses with no pantyhose for me! :D
    Good luck in your apartment search!
    Ashley x

  2. Debbie I hear more and more strength in your posts which is wonderful as I am sure life is not that easy but it is getting better?

    Wow on the weight loss I am impressed with your cookie comment, I made some today and must have "sampled" about 10 (ok so they were small!).

    Good luck.

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing better. Divorce is painful, but living with unhappiness is just as bad.
    Good luck on the apartment hunt.

  4. Oh, I can't believe that you wouldn't consider NC. We think it's beautiful here! Of course, we just moved from Michigan last November, so this is paradise! lol

  5. Debbie...you attitude is so fine these days! You're very upbeat. I love it. Can't say I miss pantyhose at all. LOL

    I'll bet you'll have a job very shortly!

  6. I have to wear panty hose for work. Which don't bother me. But, how easily they rip drives me crazy. I buy two dozen pairs every summer and just work my way through the order.

    There was a small part of me who thought you might move up north a bit :D

  7. Debbie, good luck on the job hunt and thanks for the info on the panties. All the links worked great.
    As for pantyhose, I started using Sally Hansen's leg makeup - I think it is called airbrush. It makes my legs look like they have pantyhose but oh so much cooler. I live in the hot humid South Louisiana, so I enjoy using that with my skirts, dresses and even when I wear shorts. It goes on very nicely and doesn't come off until you bath or shower. Be careful when you bath though, it will leave a nice ring around the tub!

  8. I am glad the pantyhose didn't annoy you. With everything else going on, you deserve that much!

    Debbie- you sound optimistic and hopeful. I know divorce hurts really really bad, so I am not under-estimating what you are going through. But, it sure is good to hear your strength coming through in this post. Atta girl!!

    Re: small space - I agree 100% on all counts! Get the 3rd bedroom if you can, but if it's not possible, use public living space! Who needs a dining room anyway!??

  9. I'm glad you have some job leads.

  10. I thought pantyhose were illegal? go figure....Sorry to hear about your dog, but good to hear about your job and house hunting!

  11. I'm with you on being a Florida girl. I miss it every day. When DH retires from the Air Force (ahem, Sept 15, 2020 so we have a bit to go still), we'll head to Gainsville so he can be a "real" Gator, not just a fan. Sheesh!

  12. So sorry to hear about Pepper, old age is the pits. Good news on the work prospects.

  13. Debbie,
    I think it is becoming more and more acceptable to not wear pantyhose. I live an hour South of you and rarely see professional women wearing them. However if you end up in a high faluting law firm...you may have to wear them!

  14. I hope all goes well in the job/apartment search. Pantyhose are hot, but I prefer them with a dress (I am in So Texas) if I have to wear closed shoes (pumps). I despise the high heeled pumps with no hose look, not pretty to me. If it's sandals, fine, but pumps need the "finished" look of hose, when you are dressed up. Best of luck to you.

  15. How I hate and detest pantyhose, they make me sweat like a hooker in church. Last spring I broke down and bought a pair of thigh highs. They weren't necessarily pretty but at least I didn't melt.
    There's a strong possibility that we'll be moving to Florida by the end of the year and I'm sorry, I'm not looking forward to it!

  16. Congrats on the weight loss even if it was due to the teeth. Pantyhose are the pits. Here in Texas it's in the 90's also and would hate to wear pantyhose. Yuck

  17. Nothing like 10 lb loss to buck a girl up!
    I really don't understand about this having to wear panty hose stuff; I work for a Canadian provincial government and hardly anyone wears pantyhose in the summer. I've started leg makeup to get rid of the white fish look in anticipation of some warm weather. But if hose is de rigeur, stay ups are so much more comfortable, even with my chubby thighs.
    Sorry to hear about Pepper.
    Keep your pecker up girl.

  18. Uh pantyhose I hate too...have you thought about using leg makeup? That's what I use in the summer.

  19. I'm in hysterics over the sweating like a hooker in church comment below, that's brilliant! Going to have to use that.

    And as an offside, I noticed in a photo you posted a couple of days ago just how wonderful you looked, and wanted to comment, but wasn't sure if it was appropriate. You look happy. Sometimes we look at people from the outside, and we obviously don't know what's going on in the inside, but since you've posted these pics these past couple of days, it looks as though you are truly happy, and I hope you are :o)
    And that weight loss, jsut wow, you do look amazing.

  20. Sounds like good news all around. But as a former Floridian (for 40 years), I LOVE NC! I don't think I could stand the eternal hellfire...er I mean Florida temperatures. :-)

  21. Hey,Debbie - I'm late in commenting on this but I wanted to let you know I use my dining room for a sewing room. Otherwise, it's just wasted space. I know this is a difficult time for you. It's hard to go through all these changes at once but you will get through it and life will be good again. Thanks for letting us know about your dogs. I'm sorry to hear the one isn't doing well. When it rains it pours, right? Even in Florida. Who knew? :) Susan C


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