Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI Projects

I didn't work on any wallets from my pattern, but I did make the Spiderman credit card holder for my son that I had planned.

It's nothing very complicated, but I did have to make two mock-ups first to get the overall and pocket size correct and make sure it still folded flat when loaded. The lunchbox panel was not the most cooperative with stitch tension so it looks a little off on the back. But Tyler won't notice that. I also tried pressing with a scrap and it actually didn't melt, so I was able to lightly press the finished wallet into shape at the corners and the main fold.

I didn't take a photo of the lunchbox I used before I started, but it's similar in style to this one. Softsided, with a Mylar/plastic-y front. $5.42 at Walmart for mine.

I cut the front off, pulled out the foam liner and then figured where Spidey's head would fall on my pattern and cut it to size. Because the lunchbox panel was narrower than my pattern, I pieced some cammie fabric to one end, which you can see in the inside view above.

After I was done with that, I tested a couple of embroidery designs and made one into this little "doo-dad" bag.I have no idea what I'm going to use it for, but sunglasses fit into it nicely.

I nearly had a heart attack last night before starting the embroidery, and then I had a case of STOOOOOPID. I put my embroidery disk into my machine and went through the menus to select the design and get it ready for stitching. Except I couldn't select the specific design I wanted. The touchscreen was not responding. I turned the machine on/off a bunch of times and tried different disks, all with the same result. I started getting a sick feeling that my machine was going to need service. Until I finally realized I did NOT have the embroidery unit attached. Duh. Once I put that on, all was well again and I felt stupid but very relieved.


  1. What a clever source of material!!

  2. He's going to love that card holder. I have had those moments with my (rarely used) embroidery unit. I had to create my own "cheatsheet" for dummies, or pre-flight checklist, if you will. Checklist sounds so much better. :-)

  3. That so sounds like something I would do. At least you kept going - I would have put it up for the day.

  4. I want to thank you....I am now humming the spider man theme song,,,
    "spider man, spider man, does what ever a spider can..." In that Henry Mancini, late 60's era, cartoon, whispery kinda voice.

  5. Love the new fabric source! He'll really get a kick out of this card holder.

  6. I'm sure Tyler will like his billfold. And I try to stick to less complex things, so I won't have to feel stupid too often!

  7. Ha ha, that card holder should definitely get a smile!

    I've found that type of material can be creased fairly well by placing bulldog clips on the crease for a few hours or overnight.

  8. I agree with shams--who would have thought to turn a lunchbox into a wallet??? Your boys have to know their mom is thinking about them when they get gifts like that.

  9. Careful--you may start getting orders from the other Marines for spiderman card holders! Love it!


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