Thursday, August 18, 2011


Handmade by Heidi

Tomorrow is the next Friday Night Sew-In, sponsored by Handmade by Heidi. I'm in for this month. Can you guess what I'll be working on? Yep, wallets.

I may make one more non-USMC from my pattern but mostly I'm going to whip up a simple "mini billfold"" for Tyler to hold his debit card, ID, and meal card. Marines aren't allowed to have anything bulky in their pockets, so a real wallet is out. When he heard that I was making wallets, he asked if I could make him something flat to hold his cards. No problem! The design in my head is very simple, but to spice things up I'm using a panel from a soft Spiderman lunchbox I bought at Walmart the other night. Tyler loves Spidey. (I don't think I ever showed the Spidey gear shift and visor covers I made for his Jeep from sheets.) He had a great Spiderman wallet from Universal Studios, but he wore holes in it and we've never been able to find a suitable replacement. This little cardholder I have in mind will make him smile.

Click the link above to sign up for FNSI and join in the fun. Random participants are chosen for prizes on Saturday and maybe you'll win! But the real prize is just getting something done.

Parting Shot: This morning's sunrise at MCAS Yuma AZ, with a couple of Harriers ready for take-off.


  1. I kinda don't get the Friday Night Sew Ins because, for me, pretty much every Friday night is a sew-in. :)

    Happy sewing!

  2. If you want small amounts of Spidey fabric, check out thrift shops for kids' (and some adult) clothes and sheets! Sheets are an awesome way to get licensed fabric cheap. However, I did tell my kids that I wouldn't make them clothes from character sheets cause I don't want kids coming up to them and telling them they have the same material as sheets, LOL.

  3. I might have to sign up for this. A last-gasp summer dress and jacket set are on the agenda. Looking forward to seeing how all of your wallets are coming out.

  4. Love the idea of a FNSI...just too tuckered out tonight.


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