Friday, August 12, 2011

Rambling Photos

Another bunch of randomness similar to the other night, but this time with photos.

I finished this bag earlier this week.

And then yesterday made up a pattern and sewed this bag today.

I really want to sew clothes but I'm paralyzed. I don't need any more casual tees right now. But if I start on dressier work clothes, will they fit in a month? I hope not, and so I don't really want to spend time and good fabric on them. Hence the purses. But I'm really going to need work clothes at some point. I wish I knew what point that is (and what my measurements will be then).

This is what my sewing table looked like this afternoon after finishing a purse. AKA purse vomit. ;-)

I really hate sewing in the midst of a mess. I always start out with a clear table and it ends up like this. I think I need a bigger table.

I ordered some stuff from Nancy's Notions last weekend and it arrived today. Two LED lights to stick onto my machine, mostly because since I can't seem to keep a working lightbulb in my D1. I liked them because they are battery-operated so no cords, and they were cheap — 2 for $15. I haven't worked up the nerve to stick one onto my machine yet. What if I hate it or it gets in the way? I also got some more Wonder Tape, Steam-a-Seam, and clear elastic. The last clear elastic I bought from NN's was Lastin brand. This is Clover. I hope it doesn't suck. Also, can you believe Joann's didn't have any clear elastic or Steam-a-Seam? OK, I know you can, but they used to so what's up with that?

I bought some more patterns. I really need to stop, which you'll see in a minute. One is the Hot Patterns Pussycat blouse that was on clearance at Another is a McCall's skirt that I bought at Joann's on sale last weekend. The other is a Vogue dress I bought from BMV a couple of weeks ago (with others, but I didn't photograph those yet). Which reminds me, I still have to finish that HP dress once my replacement fabric arrives.

Also from Joann's last weekend, 3 more Vogues. Vogue 1250 I had bought during the BMV sale and have muslined it as you saw a couple of weeks ago. I need to return to it. Do you see a pattern (hah!) here? The dress in the upper left I will probably not make/wear for a long time, if ever. Unless I need to go to a wedding after I lose a lot more weight. I just know this is a good style for me and it's a pretty much a classic, so maybe it will still be passably in style when my tummy disappears.

What is up with the huge Vogue envelopes anyway? Have they always been like this? I don't usually buy many Vogues. It irritates my OCD for having everything fit in the pattern ziplocks and cabinet drawers orderly. Oh wait, it's the "designer" patterns, right?

This is why I need to stop buying patterns. All of these are my "short list." Yeah, really.

I got a call today while I was out, from another law firm I had sent a resume to (I wouldn't type such a grammatically bad sentence if they hired me). Maybe they'll interview me. I think they wanted to pre-screen me before inviting me over. That's an easy guess since the woman calling pretty much said as much without explicitly saying those words. I'll give them a call back tomorrow.

I've noticed some bloggers getting ready to sew for Autumn and Winter. They are ready for summer to be over. It must be the Florida in me, but I am NEVER ready for summer to be over. Which is a good thing, since it so very rarely is over around here. I'll be sewing for hot weather for at least 4 more months. If I had to switch seasons every 3 months, I'd never be caught up.

Tyler sent me a funny video tonight. He's working night shift in Yuma. They pranked their SSgt. One skinny guy hid in the mini fridge and when the SSgt went to open it for a drink, he got a big shock. I'd link you to it, but it's full of F Bombs, since that's pretty much the only word Marines know. Oh, and "Rah." LMAO. ;-)

I found out yesterday that a USO center has been approved (finally) for Tampa International Airport. When my life gets back together, I'd like to volunteer there when I can. It's not supposed to be finished until 2013. I hope my life is back together by then.

Who has Laura's blog URL? The Laura who, with her BF Hans, is on her way to Florida? Hers is one of the links I lost and can't find.

It's almost 2 AM. I should go to bed. Or something.



    Exciting with all those jobs calls. I hope you'll need to sew work clothes soon - although it will probably cut down on your blogging time. :-)

  2. Fingers crossed for the job situation. You and I bought some of the same patterns.

  3. I don't like sewing for winter, either, whatever that is. Oh, right, January 21 through February 21 ...

  4. Luck to you on the job. I am in Tennessee and jobs aren't so plentiful here either. About the seasonal change, I think people with ADD need change so I fit in here. I get tired of one type of dressing. I lived in Ft Myers for several years but couldn't get used to the flat. I'm also sensitive to heat. So mountains and winter are my thing. Anyway again, luck on the job search.

  5. Great bags! I especially like the shape of the first one.

    As Lori said, fingers crossed on the job situation.

    A big thank you for even wanting to volunteer at the USO. That place is our home away from home whenever we have to travel. USO volunteers rock!

  6. 1) Clover sells elastic in this country? Glad to hear it -- their products are usually nicer than D****.
    2) I'm not ready for summer to be over either (Northeasterner by way of Calif). It's so short here.

  7. I LOVE the bags. I have several good friends in the military (and am an Air Force brat myself)... Do you use their old uniforms or just buy "camo" fabric? I'm so totally green with envy right now!!

    I love your blog as well... It's so much fun. Keep up the great work!

  8. Kellie - I do both. Moms/wives/gf's of new boot camp grads aren't going to have old uniforms, so either new fabric or a retired uniform is used for them.

  9. Good job on the purses. I bought transparent elastic and Steam a seam from Joann about 3 weeks ago. Maybe your Joann was just out.

  10. It's always freakin' hot in Florida. Except in December, January and February, when the humidity off the gulf will absolutely convince even this born-bred-and-dead Yankee that it's positively Arctic cold. Of course you need to sew summer clothes. I love your "some day" dress.

  11. Those purses are AMAZEBALLS! I'm wondering if your side business could support you full time -- of course, crossing fingers for the job and all that, but if it doesn't pan out....

    We have winter here, but no snow or extreme temps so I basically just put on tights and a cardigan and get on with it. My sewing doesn't dramatically change. Having said that, there's a difference in the styles I like to sew. Flouncy cotton skirts seem wrong for fall, somehow.

    I bought a bunch of McCalls fall patterns and my "to sew" pile is as ridiculous as yours. I think I'm now at Stash Beyond My Life Expectancy.

  12. I love your bags. I really want to make a green camo bag, just because I ike the look of camoflage and wear olive green a lot, anyway. When I'm losing weight (which is a rarity these days), I try to make clothes that I know I can take in as I'm losing. Or, "one size fits all" type garments.

  13. I really like your bags...great shape even if you didn't use cammo.

    Hee hee, we bought some of the same patterns this weekend.

    I hear you on the size/work clothes thing. I'm also looking and changing size AND I'm not really sure what the attire will be where I end up AND what season it will be. :-) Good thing it's summer right now, cause I'm basically without clothes. Almost anything worked at my old job, so with the mammoth weight gain that started at age 50 (that's what I'm working on)...I got nuthin'. My sewing table looks like yours, if you added some random fabric and at least two large cats. So, once I get that cleaned up, I will try to figure out some generically sized things to sew. Or some cute little duffle bags or pillows or almost anything that doesn't go on me.

  14. HI Debbie. Have you applied with GrayRobinson? Word on the street is that an IP litigation attorney needs a secretary.

  15. Love, love, love the bags...I need to go out and search for Quinn's camos and try something wonderful with them.

    I'm not sure if life is ever 'normal' again. It feels the older I get, the more complicated life is. There are good times and bad times...we just need to remember that life keeps changing and there is always hope in that. xxoo

  16. Hey Debbie, it's Laura and we officially arrived in Florida yesterday. It's so stinking hot I'm ready to go back home right now! We are now on the boat and intend to cross Lake Okeechobee tomorrow. But only if it doesn't storm as this particular lake is dangerous to be on in high winds. Gee, what fun.
    I'm at Sewatsea dot blogspot dot com.

  17. Hello I thought that I would warn you that the HOT Patterns Pussycat blouse hasb the NARROWEST sleeves you will ever encounter. I am still not able to look at that pattern without feeling a bit peeved . My own falt cause I didnt make a muslin!!!

  18. I was so annoyed when I realized Joann stopped carrying clear elastic (about a year ago for my Joann). Soooo annoying!

    I'm with you. I'm never ready for summer to be over. Maybe I'll have to move to Florida one day.

    Fingers crossed on the job front!


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